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Chinasoft International Chen Yuhong: Deeply cultivating the "black land" of open source Hongmeng, reconstructing the "big pattern" of intelligent IoT.


June 28, 2022

From June 24th to 25th, the 6th World Intelligence Conference was held in the cloud. The opening ceremony ushered in two summits with the highest gold content. Chinasoft International Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO, Shenzhen Open Chen Yuhong, Chairman of Hong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the Smart Talk Future Cloud Summit and delivered a keynote speech on "Deep Cultivation of Open Source Harmony's Black Land, Reconstructing the "Big Pattern" of Intelligent IoT , elaborated in depth the new trends and new values ??of the intelligent Internet of Things to help the development of the digital economy, and interpreted the new strategic layout of Chinasoft International.

Vibrating the core and casting the soul, the intelligent Internet of Things is the best field.
Digital transformation is unfolding on a global scale. On the one hand, the digital transformation of Chinese government and enterprises has entered a deep-water zone. The integration of new generation information technology with various vertical fields has deepened, and new requirements have been put forward for digital industrialization. my country's digital industry is moving towards a high-end value chain. critical stage of progress.

It is imperative to strengthen core technology innovation, and the intelligent Internet of Things is a breakthrough to break this situation. On the one hand, China has the terminal advantages and scale advantages to develop the Internet of Things; on the other hand, the Internet of Things is an infrastructure that realizes the ubiquitous connection of people, machines and things, and it is the connection point that connects the Internet of Things world and the digital world. The twin system realizes unmanned, high-quality, high-efficiency, and promotes the development of China's industry.

How to develop an innovative intelligent Internet of things, taking the soul as the starting point to revitalize the core industry is the best path. The intelligent IoT industry is still facing the bottleneck of fragmented development. Among them, the core area, the R&D and innovation of operating systems, will create the best connectors and cohesive devices that penetrate many scenarios and reach both sides of supply and demand. Chen Yuhong proposed to build a comprehensive and innovative IoT operating system based on open source Hongmeng, drive the access of chips, sensors, modules, and smart terminals to the south and increase market share, and use the advantages of the open source Hongmeng system to enrich scenarios such as smart cities and industrial applications in the north. And form application standards to drive a group of software development companies and technical service companies with fans of technological innovation to enter the fast lane of development.

After ten years of accumulation, Chinasoft International has accelerated the deployment of AIoT.
Relying on the profound background of 20 years of expertise in the software industry, Chinasoft International has laid out the intelligent IoT industry through three stages with the original intention of the craftsmen who have gone deep into the development of the intelligent IoT operating system.
- The first stage is to fully participate in the research and development of early open source Hongmeng since 2012;
- the second stage is to form a business ecological team based on open source Hongmeng from August 2019; in September 2020, to create a Honglian joint venture Brand; In January 2021, Chinasoft International became a platinum donor of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation OpenAtom OpenHarmony (hereinafter referred to as "OpenHarmony") Category A donor, and actively participated in the co-construction of the open source ecosystem; in July 2021, Chinasoft International signed a Hongmeng agreement with Huawei Ecological cooperation agreement;
- the third stage is August 2021, the establishment of Shenzhen Kaihong, and focus on the development of KaihongOS, the construction of digital base in the field of intelligent Internet of things, in September of the same year, the establishment of intelligent Internet of things business group, focusing on AIoT application development and system integrated.

Chinasoft International provides full-stack service support for government and enterprise customers through ToGToB around the comprehensive innovation of intelligent IoT. On the demand side, based on the knowledge map and digital-intelligent operation of the AIoT platform, the ability to sort out and release the needs of industry scenarios is built, and the platform-based service capabilities of supply and demand handshakes are provided around application scenarios. On the supply side, based on the KaihongOS of the P layer, it provides industry OS customization and digital intelligence service capabilities. The southbound I layer builds OS software access service capabilities, and the northbound S layer builds full-scenario solutions and service capabilities.

Determined to set up an intelligent Internet of things army.
Based on this, Chinasoft International established the Intelligent IoT Corps, aiming to become a full-stack leader in the enabling industry. Positioning itself as a leader in software intelligence, an innovator in product intelligence, and a co-builder of industry intelligence, starting from the needs and pain points of all parties in the intelligent IoT industry, it sorts out an end-to-end solution built with tool intelligence and professional talents. Software delivery, building high-value products and solutions with data intelligence and underlying technology, and combining resource elements with platforms and ecology to achieve project co-creation.

Positioned as a leader in software intelligence, with about 8 million software talents in China and students, there is still a lack of talents who can focus on the direction of AIoT. Chinasoft International's AIoT-oriented software factory has 15,000 employees, which can achieve full-stack talent coverage, and the software factory can provide from the input of orders to the output of products, and realize the integrated delivery of "people and goods yard" + management. The entire process is developed in alignment with the management process of trusted software development to ensure delivery quality.

Positioned as an innovator of intelligent products, it builds the foundation of IoT root technology with KaihongOS of Shenzhen Kaihong, and provides the integrated output of operating system + product + solution for all parties in the intelligent IoT industry. At the same time, always adhering to the concept of "from open source, to open source", on the one hand, based on the open source Hongmeng ecology, constantly absorbing the underlying technology source power, on the other hand, it uses KaihongOS to empower thousands of industries and industries. Innovation and contribution feed back the open source ecosystem.

Positioned as an intelligent co-builder of the industry, it builds and continuously iterates the AIoT platform of ToGToB, and explores a new model for comprehensively innovating the intelligent IoT ecosystem. Its core is to give full play to the advantages of core enterprises and core industrial clusters, and achieve economies of scope and scale through industrial resource attraction, specialized division of labor and collaboration, etc., thereby promoting industrial innovation and development, enhancing regional brand effects, and creating regional competitive advantages. On the one hand, the platform focuses on building eight subsystems to promote the interconnection and data sharing of the entire value chain, all elements, and full life cycle of the industry, achieve efficient collaboration and precise resource allocation, and provide low-threshold, high-efficiency services to supply-side users. The end-to-end management plan for the project process improves the quality of project delivery; on the other hand, it fully integrates online platforms + offline teams to help regional governments clarify the elements of regional industrial resources, pinpoint the focus, grasp key points, and use online Under the double contact, realize the guidance, support and service of the regional intelligent Internet of things industry.

As a leading enterprise in software services in China and a partner of Huawei Cloud in the same boat, Chinasoft International must shoulder this value and responsibility, and accelerate the deployment of the AIoT field. What it pursues is not only a bigger share, but also a bigger cake. Make things that you have no ability to do before, things that no one has worked hard to do before, as your goal, really do it! Do things that no one has done and can't do before.

Chinasoft International is willing to join hands with local governments and local leading enterprises to jointly deepen the "black land" of open source Hongmeng, to revitalize the core and to develop the industry by casting souls, and to reconstruct the "big pattern" of intelligent IoT.