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Friday, 07/22/2022 9:59:56 PM

Friday, July 22, 2022 9:59:56 PM

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maybe a lucky retail that was able to land some of those .0001 and just taking 100% profit, I doubt it though. it could be retail just cutting his lose and running, I doubt it though. I am leaning towards more never-ending dilution as Mith would say. There are several reasons why i won't risk holding this ticker any longer than i have to. The #1 reason is obviously the never-ending dilution & with what is and has already transpired i don't see that it can really end anytime soon, and i mean years and years at best. Those that think differently I'd love to hear your scenario where they won't need to dilute. My reason is two-fold! 1st on the list is Service 800 continued lack of growth, we heard Danielle in here video basically saying that is about to change or leaning that way, so with that video being done in April we would expect to see growth in Q2. I'm saying even if they grabbed a new company or two it won't last very long. Danielle also said in here video that the reason why they didn't grow when every other internet company on the planet grew was because of Covid 19 and CEO cut services like Service 800 first during times of slowdowns. Well guess what, now companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Snap, FB, are all seeing the economy slow forcing them to freeze hiring, and or cut staff what do you think this is going to mean for Service 800? They couldn't grow at all even when our government put more money into the economy than ever before. Service 800 imo will with 100% certainty if left in place will be the reason why this company will fail. I haven't even got to the new elephant in the room, how do you think $BYOC or whatever new ticker they come up with will be able to fund Eletric Built??? You got it move Discover Dilution with 100% certainty! My 2nd reason is our CEO Geordan, and his apparent lack of experience in running a company. I'll give him applause on the LOI especially if he actually lands it. My big disappointment with Geordan is his decision to continue killing this company with unneeded dilution and for what, to what end I ask?? The right in your face decision to sell it or cut the Service 800 business altogether, which loses 2 million $$ at best every year with NO GROW EVER! Again, no growth not even during the hottest economy in our country's history. He is emotionally tied to this company because of his Dad that imo is the real reason why he continues to think he can save it. Imagine what this company would be like without that $4 million in sales but cost $6 million a year to operate, no more $2 million loss every year, and knowing the company will never, can never go to profitability! I would love for them to prove me wrong, but i feel extremely confident that this division of BYOC will be the death nil of the company, if left unchecked. Geordan needs to get a sack, keep what good staff and managers to help transition to the new Eletric Build company and focus exclusively on this new growth which this market is and will be hot for years to come! GLTA here no matter if you're getting out even or holding for the potential parabolic run! Everyone should be watching $CZNI $TXTM and other high O/S tickers that are making runs, because when this does move it will likely follow suit, with a huge run out of the gate and then a massive dilutive pullback to flush out flippers and Legacy longs! $BYOC

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