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Saturday, 07/09/2022 9:32:15 PM

Saturday, July 09, 2022 9:32:15 PM

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Let's take a look back at $GAXY history over roughly the last 8 months to a year.

- They initially got called out for their large share offering for 2nd Equity Line of Credit with Tysadco Partners LLC (go look them up, been involved in shady deals in OTC). I called their lawyer and spoke with her and told her I was extremely concerned with major fraud going on with GAXY management & I wanted to make them aware that I was investigating their company for a dilution fraud scam. The next day they retracted/canceled it, which allowed GAXY to run to $.0131
*This was early December 2021

- Then on March 4, 2022 GAXY management went behind shareholders backs and approved a 1 for 200 Reverse Split, which took effect on March 7, 2022. Luckily someone on Twitter found the document and put it out for everyone to see, otherwise we would have been even more blindsided by the RS. The stock price got dumped from $.0060 down to $.0030 (then came back to $.0040) at market close. The very next "trading" day GAXY's stock price was reset to $.78 per the RS. The stock was un-tradable for many the first day. On first day it spiked to $.90 but was then sold back down. On the 2nd day after RS, the stock price sank down to around $.33 or lower. Since then the stock has remained low $.30 to $.20 range.

March 8, 2022 - GAXY Management released a filing showing the RS documentation was submitted/approved on March 4, while the filing wasn't until March 7, & then GAXY management finally came out and addressed the issue 1-full day after the Reverse Split took effect. Extremely shady and they intentionally did it behind shareholders' backs with 0 transparency. Even worse, GAXY management stated the RS was needed to maintain OTCQB status (which is a horrible reason to complete an RS).

July 8, 2022 - GAXY Management approves increasing the Authorized Shares from 20 Million to 200 Million & also awarded themselves Preferred Series G stock (Leroy 26 shares, McGahee 25 shares) so that they maintain 51% of voting control over all issues dealing with GAXY. The ONLY way shareholders' votes count/matter during anything (when voting on something for the company) with the company (GAXY) is if a "Vote by Proxy" is initiated by shareholders. Otherwise, shareholders (no matter how many shares they own), technically have NO voting power. 51% is held by LeCroy & McGahee, giving them unmatched voting power unless "Vote by Proxy" is held/requested by shareholders.

With the Authorized Shares being raised from 20M to 200M you can bet more dilution + offerings are going to come for financing through debt conversion (issuance of stock for financing/dilution of stock = Toxic Lending again). The problem is that GAXY stated the other main reason (besides doing RS to keep OTCQB status) was so that the company wouldn't massively dilute doing "heavy issuances" of shares (their own words). We now know this to be false & intentionally misleading as they just raised their Authorized Shares by 900%!!!! After completing a 1 for 200 Reverse Split just 4 months ago. So dilution will continue, company is not doing so well obviously, and they intentionally misled their shareholders with malicious intent to defraud them.

Don't listen to these CEO's & management personnel & definitely don't listen to anyone on social media (Twitter, iHUB, StockTwits, TikTok, Facebook) who pushes this ticker: GAXY or who tries to convince people it's a smart buy. I'm telling you all right now, you invest you WILL LOSE big time. It's only going one direction & that's down.

This company has very shady business practices and puts on a front to hide what they are really doing. Don't fall for it. I wish you all the best, and be intelligent, and see what's going on.

IMO: Be aware of this company's actions. I'm telling you now, they will dilute and do shady things, and not come thru for shareholders and within 1-2 years (if not much sooner), this stock will be down near or in Trips again ($.0009 or lower). You've been warned.

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