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Sunday, 07/03/2022 4:15:57 PM

Sunday, July 03, 2022 4:15:57 PM

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@ jbgoods

In the OTC Markets (especially tickers priced near the bottom) when companies have their Transfer Agent Verified but their Profile is NOT Verified (such as BRGO) this is one of the key indicators for more dilution coming. It's evident and has happened 90+% of all companies I've tracked over the past year.

Don't believe me, go watch when a company has their Transfer Agent Verified but their Profile is NOT Verified on OTC Markets website for an extended time. Dilution ramps up. Especially when certain individuals enter the stock such as the Canouses (Joseph (Joe), Jeffrey, James (Jim), John (Jack) , Stephen (Steve) M. Hicks, Alexander (Alex) Dillon, & Paul Strickland (doesn't change his name but is usually in as many as 10 tickers at a time). It's extremely evident. They try to hide their names too by changing it up on filings.

Watch closely over these next 6 months and make a list of companies that do this and then dilute or don't dilute. Make a list of all the Reverse Splits and look back at their dilution and how Canouse, Hicks, Dillon, & sometimes Strickland is involved in the dilution of companies.

As the majority of them begin to complete massive dilution or continue dilution, make a list. I guarantee you it'll show that 90+% of them are diluting. Many Reverse Splits coming in OTC Markets too. This isn't regular dilution either, it's very abusive and fraudulent dilution.

In fact, they already have been. At least 15-20 tickers that have massively diluted/RS'd so far in the past 6 months. There's probably another 15-20 coming in the next 90-120 days. It'll be tickers that crush people too. Ones that they didn't expect or see coming. Then they'll all see how much of a scam it really was with all of these individuals.

Pay attention to PHIL HPIL TGGI BRGO and some others. It's coming. Mark my words on that. Many about to get destroyed because they didn't do the research and put in the time & work they should have.

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