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Sunday, 07/03/2022 3:30:52 PM

Sunday, July 03, 2022 3:30:52 PM

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It is not sketchy. Proof is there. BRGO company profile has not been Verified on OTC Markets since January 1, 2022 (NOW JULY 3) = OVER 7 months & dilution hasn't stopped. S-8 registration with 1 Billion share offering coming unless Berge Abajian gets scared and rushes his plans to ACTUALLY complete the Reverse Split. He is worried you can bet on that and for good reason. I have exposed him and he's sitting there thinking, "wow he got me." "What can I do to manipulate this stock so I can cash out more without having to do a Reverse Split?"

You see that's what happens when you catch the fraud and expose them in real-time in public view for everyone to see. They go back to the drawing board and have to think of a new way to commit fraud.

Example: (This section pertains to showing what BRGO will do, it's just a quick example)
This same thing happened with GAXY = Galaxy Next Generation. I called their lawyer and told her I knew they were working with a well-know toxic lending fraudulent scam artist in Alexander Dillon of GPL Ventures LLC. GAXY was intending to issue them hundreds of millions of shares (500 Million if I'm not mistaken) and I called the lawyer and told her I knew of their scheme. The very next day they rescinded that offering from GPL Ventures LLC and the stock ran up to $.0131. Then they went and completed a sneaky Reverse Split behind investors' backs and came back and apologized days later. Because I caught and exposed them in real-time. Now Berge Abajian has been exposed and believe me, he's scared and nervous. Has no idea what he'll do but I bet you he moves up that Reverse Split and claims he nailed a big acquisition. That will be his excuse for completing Reverse Split. They claimed they had to keep their OTCQB status (which was a very poor excuse to do a Reverse Split by Magen McGahee).

Alexander Dillon = GPL VENTURES LLC + BLACKRIDGE CAPITAL (Canouse & Dillon are on WNBD balance sheet under 6 total companies when combined).
Filing dated 08/
Alexander Dillon
Alexander Dillon

Go check OTC Markets and Google for yourselves. It's a dilution scam. And a way for companies to complete Reverse Splits and try to give legitimate excuses.

Also, it is pretty much a certainty that when a CEO like Berge Abajian brings people onto his balance sheet like Joseph C. Canouse & Stephen M. Hicks, dilution ramps up.

Go look at these tickers that have one or both of the individuals above on their balance sheets and/or running the company. There's no flaw in my "theory", the evidence is already there. You just have to put in the time and do the research. Notice how I'm the one dropping websites, exact names, dates, events, and connections? Where are your facts? Just short argumentative statements that hold no water. No facts, nothing. I'm right and you're wrong.

and many more...
Canouses trade/toxic lend under unregistered companies too.

Joseph Canouse
James Canouse

Companies listed (Past & Present) under Canouses:
- J. P. Carey Partners Limited LP (BRGO)
- J. P. Carey Enterprises Inc. (BRGO)
- J. P. Carey Inc. (MANY)
- Carpathia LLC (WNBD + MORE)
- Machiavelli (WNBD + MORE)
- JPC Capital Partners Inc.
- J. P. Securities, Inc.
+more I'm sure...

***BRGO has two of Joseph C. Canouse ran companies on the balance sheet. Abajian has allowed Canouse to use two different companies on BRGO's balance sheet dating back to January 2021. Then began heavily diluting the stock after February's run to $.06*** (Canouse's entry to BRGO occurred just 5 days (exactly) prior to the run from $.0072 up to $.06). Coincidence? Not a chance.

BRGO filed the SC 13G (below) on 01/28/2021. Just 6 days prior to BRGO beginning its massive run from $.0072 up to $.06 (then it tanked & NEVER rose to those heights, or anywhere near there again; it just continued to tank all the way back to $.0004 where it sits now). With more & more dilution stacking up all the time. Can't refute the facts and those ARE the facts.

SC 13G - 01/28/2021

Also, go check stock prices since Canouse or Hicks came on board of all of these companies. After ALL of their first major runs they get dumped and heavily diluted until they're sitting right back at $.0001 or very close (BRGO @ $.0004 & you can bet it goes lower once those 1 Billion shares get dropped from the S-8 registration; WNBD at $.0005/$.0006). None of these tickers are running with their massive amounts of Authorized Shares + Dilution of Outstanding/Unrestricted (Float) Shares.

All become complete garbage once Canouse/Hicks gets ahold of the ticker. Dilution, dilution, dilution, then Reverse Splits. They all conspire together in MOST instances.

As Berge would say "it's all rubbish" & "The ONLY one you should listen to is me." His own words going against him. LMAO

If you're still in this ticker...SMH

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