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Saturday, 07/02/2022 7:51:28 AM

Saturday, July 02, 2022 7:51:28 AM

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$BRGO dilution is still happening. Anytime you look on OTC Markets and you see the Transfer Agent (TA) Verified and the Profile is NOT Verified, that pretty much means dilution is still ongoing & hasn't stopped. Think about this, since January 1, 2022 the Profile has NOT been Verified and dilution has occurred and the price has dropped further and further down. Profile has not been Verified for over 7 months now as of today.

Back to $.0004 and probably even lower soon. You all that are in this and keep buying...hate to say it but "that run is NEVER coming." Berge will make up some lame excuse (NASDAQ or "big" acquisition) to sucker people in to buy so he can dump those billion shares on you, then worse, complete another Reverse Split (4th RS for company in last 13 years). BRGO is a terrible company where the CEO lines his pockets through dilution scams with Canouse & Hicks.

And Berge Abajian is about to post the S-8 Registration any day now (his own words from the interview not long ago) for 1 Billion Shares.

That same S-8 is the one notated in the filings showing Berge Abajian is set to award himself more shares than before (up to 1 Billion total). That'll be another billion added to the Outstanding & Unrestricted Shares (increasing the Float by 1 Billion). You all will be fighting an uphill battle and every time you try to pump/push this ticker up it'll feel like you're stuck in the mud spinning your wheels. It'll never go.

Berge Abajian literally stated in that same interview that while BRGO has been a publicly traded company for 13 years, Abajian said "I have not sold one share." Now who believes there are ANY OTC CEO's/companies where the CEO hasn't sold one share? Being around for 13 years as CEO & Berge Abajian hasn't sold a single share? Really? That's a bunch of BS. You'd have to be really dumb and naive to believe such a lie.

Let's not forget the 3 previous Reverse Splits, completed 3 to 4 years apart, with a 4th RS on the way before too much longer IMO (sometime 2022/2023). All the while Abajian and his toxic lenders (Joseph C. Canouse & Stephen M. Hicks) dumped hundreds of millions of shares (if not Billions combined, technically) onto shareholders driving the price all the way from $.0070 down to $.0004

Go back and check the press releases dated in August 2021 and March 2022. Berge stated numerous times that dilution would "drastically slow down" or "slow down tremendously", and that it would be over shortly. The man is still diluting the stock. I don't care what OTCM says as of today. He's diluting and more and more will get added to the Outstanding and Unrestricted Shares (i.e. The Float). It's inevitable at this point. S-8 Registration Offering of 1 Billion Shares still coming, so that right there shows you the stock will be diluted by a minimum 25% more of what it is already (making it over 4 Billion shares total).

And no volume traded (like early yesterday/Friday) does not mean no more dilution is happening. It just means Abajian isn't bid dumping and it means no one wants to buy the POS stock because EVERYONE knows it's blatant fraud. Ask majority of people about BRGO and first words out of their mouth are "Berge is a fraud."

Berge Abajian = Con artist = dilution scam artist in OTC Markets

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