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Friday, 07/01/2022 10:29:40 PM

Friday, July 01, 2022 10:29:40 PM

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Source: WeChat Article posted on 2-26-22. Enter the three Chinese symbols that automatically pop up in this search engine:

Enter those symbols into the search engine of the WeChat App on IPhone and go to ARTICLES category and chooe sort mode "Sort by date" for quickest route.

In the event the original link below "mysteriously vanishes" and/or I go MIA, the contents of this link are below. Screenshot 1 of many others that are on my Iphone and were transferred to the ICloud. Videos were taken as well. Original email with ZIP folder was forwarded to my secure work email in a folder called "YBCN". See admin for security clearance.

Yongbaichao new retail rises in the epidemic
Original Great harmony in the world CNYBCN 2022-02-26 02:21
Yongbaichao New Retail is based on social e-commerce, combined with the online Internet + offline entity sales model, on the basis of the traditional Internet B2B2C business model, to create a new consumption upgrade platform for F2C manufacturers directly to the terminal. The company will be listed on the OTC market in the United States in 2021, and will be transferred to Nasdaq in May 2022, stock code: YBCN.

The company's existing industries:

1. New Retail (F2C)

2. Onebel Clinic (Dermatology Anti-aging Clinic)

3. Ailexi (big health)

The company signed a contract with on July 17, 2021, and has now completed the strategic cooperation layout of,,,,, shopkeeper treasure supply chain system, and warehousing.

The new retail platform is the company's main business system. In the future, the company will combine online Internet + offline club + community marketing to create a brand-new ecological new retail platform for manufacturers to reach the terminal. Based on Yongbaichao's own brand, the existing The products are Yongbaichao sauce-flavor liquor series, and the platform will be grafted with products that people just need (such as rice, noodles, oil, etc.). The company eliminates all the profits of channel dealers and the funds invested in advertising, and directly gives it to consumers, so that manufacturers can directly face consumers.

The company will give 30% of the daily turnover of the platform to output sorghum beans on the platform (the anchor value of sorghum beans is 1:1, that is, 1 sorghum bean = 1 yuan) to consumers who participate in the platform. (15% of the daily turnover will be distributed as dividends every day. The remaining 15% of the daily turnover will be used as sales commission for marketing.) Withdrawal every Friday, the account will be credited next Wednesday.


Members only need to purchase the designated products on the platform to participate in dividends and promotions

1. 7680 yuan 1 copy

20 bottles of Deyun, 10 bottles of Xiyun, 8 bottles of Yongbaichao, choose 1 from 3,

2. 38400 yuan for 5 copies

100 bottles of Deyun, 50 bottles of Xiyun, 40 bottles of Yongbai Dynasty, 1 out of 3.

3. 76800 yuan for 10 copies

200 bottles of Deyun, 100 bottles of Xiyun, 80 bottles of Yongbaichao, choose 1 from 3


According to the purchase score, you will get the corresponding amount of dividends. Dividends are distributed every day, weekly settlement, and monthly income. When you get the principal of the purchased goods ? 1 times the profit, the cooperation is terminated and the dividends are stopped.


Market commission:

7680 yuan, 3% 1 copy

38400 yuan 4% 5 copies

76800 yuan 5% 10 copies

The above are the commission points for choosing the number of individual dividends and promotions per day.

Team Performance Award

500,000 7%

2 million 10%

7 million 13%

20 million 15%

2% of the first generation equal award above 20 million

Where does the income come from?

Company turnover:

20%~25% corporate tax

30% of the company's operating costs

30% bonus commission (15% daily bonus, 15% commission)

15% to 20% of the company's net profit

Company Guarantee:

First: All funds go to the public account of the listed company.

Second: both individuals and enterprises can issue invoices.

Third: Qukai is a third-party flexible employment platform. The background is the Ping An Bank bank-enterprise direct connection system. All funds are transferred in the bank, and all personal income is subject to personal income tax to ensure the safety of funds and the legitimacy of personal income.

Fourth: WeChat Mini Program Promotion

Fifth: free shipping

The high-speed rail titled special train number has been signed:

On March 20, the Yongbaichao departed from Xiamen

On March 15, the Yongbaichao ship departed from Guiyang

The three major channels of CCTV put advertisements on Yongbaichao

For three groups of people:

1. Wine lovers, gift givers, corporate purchases

2. Entrepreneurs (asset-light entrepreneurship)

3. Investors

The business is mastered by yourself, the more you share and promote, the more dividends and the more commission.

The product + wine purchase principal + 1 times the income dividend is out, and the option to repurchase within 72 hours.

Famous Actor: He Zhengjun Image Spokesperson

Bright sword political commissar Zhao Gang actor


Just 1 of X Screenshots:

Reason to have concern for evidence preservation as noted here on July 1, 2022:

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