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Re: Huges_huge post# 2434

Friday, 06/24/2022 4:26:49 AM

Friday, June 24, 2022 4:26:49 AM

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What do I have against SFEG, are you kidding me? Have you ever done an ounce of research on it?

1. They brought a CEO in that lied about the company, stole assets, and the CFO as stupid as he is ignored it instead of reporting it.
2. During the CEO's tenure, the CFO cooked the books to hide that the CEO was stealing from the shareholders and company.
3. They defaulted on almost every deal they have ever made and sued on most accounts.
4. They never paid money to acquire anything. The simply created more stock diluting the value of the shareholders.
5. The only time this company drove any revenue was December 2020. They publicly stated that the ore would be processed and check for the gold delivered in 30 days. Well, none of that revenue was ever reported. This is fraud and criminal. They either stole the money from that processing or the ore had nothing in it and generated $0 revenue.

Do you want me to go on?
6. The new head of this company invests into it because he needs tax writeoffs for his real investments. The guy could care less about this company.
7. The financial reports provided to the SEC clearly state that they have no path to have any capital funds to attempt to begin mining. It will require massive capital investment or increase the number of shares again. Either case will dilute the price of current shareholders where it would put the company at an inability to even operate. That is in the forms they just sent to the SEC.
8. They still need to find a company that would back them in order to be able to re-list. I guarantee that there are no companies with an inkling of respect that would back this company without thorough investigation into the past 5-years of financial reports. We already know they were all cooked. Then they have some 80-yo guy replace the CFO because he can never be an executive at a company again. The 80-yo doesn't give a shit about scamming people because nothing would ever happen to him. He's too old. Plus, they really didn't want anyone that could really see what is being done.
9. The amount of gold they claim they have per ton is extremely profitable, but yet they can't get anyone to even attempt to help mine it.
10. They claim they have a processing plant for the mines, but it is about 10 miles from where they will mine. Do have any clue the cost to transport material that far to process? It is all smoke and mirrors.

If, and I mean if, you have any FACTUAL information on SFEG's ability to mine, please share. I am not talking about emotions, speculation, or any other drivel. Share provable facts and we can have an educated discussion. And until you get an answer to #5 on a publicly traded company, nothing you can or will say is factual. So don't be a frigging idiot mouthing off the stupid garbage SFEG says. Oh, one more thing, you do realize that they have signed over an extremely large portion (more than half) to that idiot geologist in Texas? That company owns about half of all revenue if it is ever generated. Another massive perpetuity for the "acquisition" of the mines that have so much gold. The shareholders outside of about 5 people own only about 3% of the company. So guess where you are on the pecking order of making any money. If, and that is a big if, they ever do make a little money, many of those past creditors will be coming with lawsuits. Also, the landowners that the mines were acquired have some funny language in them that they can enact to retake the mines due to lack of payment.

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