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Chinasoft International joins hands with China Mobile Digital Intelligence to jointly expand the digital and intelligent transformation consulting market.


May 27, 2022

Recently, China Mobile Digital Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. launched the 2022 China Mobile Consulting Digital Intelligence Transformation Consulting Project Business Development Community Recruitment. Intelligent products and services were successfully selected as business partners for consulting projects in the five major industries of
- party and government,
- industrial energy,
- transportation,
- finance,
- and big data.

With the acceleration of industrial digitalization, thousands of industries have joined the wave of digital transformation, but at the same time, the problems of "don't want to switch", "don't dare to switch", and "will not switch" are also common. Digital-intelligence transformation is a long-term, huge, and complex systematic project, which not only requires profound changes in cognitive concepts and ways of thinking, but also requires overall consideration of various factors such as production systems, technical capabilities, financial status, and organizational culture. Therefore, the requirements of the industry for the scientificity, practicality, implementation value and matching degree of digital and intelligent consulting have gradually increased, and new consulting service methods have become an urgent need in the field of digital and intelligent transformation.

Chinasoft International's digital and intelligent transformation consulting services are mainly divided into three major sections,
- strategic consulting services,
- management and operation consulting services, and
- innovation consulting services.

Based on the TOGAF architecture and DAMA architecture theory, it provides top-level planning and design that can be implemented for the digital and intelligent transformation of governments and enterprises, and provides agile, effective and sustainable planning for the construction of infrastructure such as data platforms required for the implementation of digital and intelligent transformation of customers. Starting from the business architecture, guide the architecture planning, and form a closed-loop improvement of "system support application - application realization business - business generation and data creation - data analysis service business optimization". Chinasoft International's self-developed digital-intelligence innovation consulting methodology has greatly improved the efficiency of digital product R&D and digital-intelligence transformation planning.

Over the years, Chinasoft International has provided digital and intelligent transformation, data platform architecture planning, data governance planning, and digital and intelligent innovation workshops for hundreds of governments and enterprises in industries such as finance, transportation, government affairs, public security, manufacturing, real estate, and energy. Consulting and training services.

China Mobile Digital Intelligence, as the main body of China Mobile's digital and intelligent transformation consulting, actively builds a digital and intelligent empowerment system driven by transformation consulting services. Through this cooperation between the two parties, Chinasoft International will expand in the digital and intelligent transformation consulting market, Consulting scheme design, implementation of digital intelligence/informatization system, etc The "consultation + product + service" package of services.

Chinasoft International's Operator System Department will rely on the government and enterprise markets formed by major operators, based on the base of digital and intelligent service capabilities, and actively explore key areas related to operators. To achieve the ability aggregation and complementary advantages with operators, join hands with China Mobile Digital Intelligence to grasp the transformation trend, coordinate the platform capabilities of various professional fields, open up the end-to-end service process, and provide digital and intelligent transformation services for more government departments and industry leaders. Create a digital-intelligence ecosystem with China Mobile characteristics, empower thousands of industries to transform into digital-intelligence, and fully demonstrate the company's brand value as a "digital-intelligence transformation service expert"!