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Monday, May 30, 2022 2:10:43 PM

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My two cents this Memorial Day: Roving blackouts are coming to a location you are in. They are beginning to admit it. It will not affect me on the boat, but here it will. I've looked into generators, but they are only a temporary solution and I expect blackouts to be a permanent problem. You should explore what is going on in your area.

Water will become an issue in many areas. If they cannot use water with generators, at some point water will become short in drinking and farming out west. The simplest form of water collection (for drinking) may be a 9x12 tarp hung in a slope to a 5 gallon bucket. I have barrels located around the outside of the house. I have about 60 cases of spring water stored. Rainwater collected from a roof should be cured before drinking.

I know keeping up with Ukraine can be challenging. North America will not offer much in truth. NATO countries are much the same but a bit better. Those nations outside the belt of influence are better. Here is a nutshell synopsis: Russia is gaining momentum and capturing several medium to small size cities and expanding their hold on the country. They are beginning to concentrate more on supply lines and rail capacities toward the west. They have intercepted a lot of the $40 billion military aid with missiles and now Ukraine begs for more. The Putin illness crap is thought to be bs. Russian troops are now in the 5th largest city and taking control. Ukraine losses are accelerating.

The US military is concentrating on their own munitions need and strategic fuel reserves. US says they are sending MLRS to Ukraine. Russia says they will use catastrophic force in response. Poland continues threats on Russia. They can't be that stupid, can they? Russia has little of nothing in the Ukraine game. I believe it is a bear waiting on western dumbasses to make a mistake.

SILVER Some inventory data can be seen moving from one market to another while some bank claims are being reduced as well. Quantities are so large it is obvious. I continue to believe we will wake up one day and our stack will have done a moonshot. The immediate challenge will then be where can i begin selling it.

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