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Monday, 05/23/2022 2:07:32 PM

Monday, May 23, 2022 2:07:32 PM

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Lots of variables on that question? How Long Does it Take to Get a Patent?
The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has a tool that shows how long it can take to get a patent. According to the USPTO, it takes approximately 24 months to get a patent in 2019. The time it takes to get your patent approved depends on the complexity of your invention and the number of pending applications. The more complex your invention, the longer it will take to get your application approved.

PCT Ltd. and Nano Gas™ Technologies are pleased to announce a joint patent-pending technology that will provide an eco-friendly solution for Multiple Markets.

What Does Patent Pending Mean: Everything You Need to Know
Patent pending means that an application has been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The patent application process in the U.S. is more involved, with representatives from the USPTO performing thorough searches on existing patents and applications to make sure no prior art already holds a patent. The assigned USPTO official also will assess whether the idea is patentable.

If you have submitted a patent application and it is pending, you do have legal rights if someone else tries to file a patent application for something that is the same or very similar. The USPTO will look at the date each application was filed and give priority to the application with the earlier filing date.

The filing date does play a major role in obtaining a patent, especially if other people get wind of your idea and try to steal it before you can patent it, so it's crucial to start the filing process as soon as possible. It's best to avoid publicly disclosing your idea until you have submitted an application that is in patent-pending status.