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Xiongguan Mandao started from scratch and fought for the first place. The fifth training camp and mid-year sprint conference of Chinasoft International's "Tiejun on the Cloud Lectures on Wutang" was successfully concluded.


May 12, 2022

From May 8th to 11th, 2022, the fifth training camp and mid-year sprint conference of Chinasoft International's "Tiejun Lectures on Wushu" was successfully held in Zunyi, Guizhou. Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of Chinasoft International, and Huawei Cloud China Deputy Tao Zhiqiang, President and Director of the Ecology and Partner Development Department of HUAWEI CLOUD China, and other leaders attended the event.

As the practical classroom of Chinasoft International Digital Iron Army, "Lecture Wutang" brings together cloud business elites, armed with the Red Long March culture, focusing on the pain points of talent training under the rapid development of cloud ecological teams, and promoting the development of team capabilities through practical training. The mission of "building a composite cloud-based iron army ecological talent" is committed to becoming a military academy of Chinasoft International "returning to study after a hundred battles". This "Lecture on Wutang" was held in Zunyi, which is of great significance to the Chinese revolution. Facing the uncertain domestic and international situation, we should remember the footprints of our ancestors, and conform to the overall situation of cloud business transformation. The tide should be self-improvement", build a strong stronghold, fight dull battles, focus on the upgrade of the core combat capabilities of the iron army on the cloud, and start the mid-year sprint!

Chen Yuhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Chinasoft International, said in his speech at the meeting: In 2012, Chinasoft International and Huawei had a joint venture, seeing the best of the best. It is an honor to live in a great era, follow a great company, join a great struggle, and strive for a great victory.” At this historic moment, we stand firm in our hearts and believe in the power of three "beliefs".

First, we will firmly walk with Huawei, have the belief of winning a common victory with Huawei, and closely follow the pace of Huawei's offensive during the war; second, we will firmly invest in transformation, align with Huawei Cloud, and use SP302 to correspond to Huawei SP821. Strategic layout to achieve leapfrog development together; third, believe in yourself and the team. As the backbone of the digital iron army, we should forge our organization and temper our warriors with a thousandfold confidence and a hundredfold effort. In battles and battles, unfold the bright red flag of our digital iron army!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the road to Xiongguan is like iron, but now we are stepping forward from the beginning. In Zunyi, a city that "follows the law and acts righteousness", we must have the will and perseverance of "dare to win", with the mentality of "we enjoy the wonderful journey" , believe in the power of "believe". Don't be afraid of clouds covering your eyes, don't give up until you reach your goals, and start sprinting towards the middle of the year!

Tao Zhiqiang, vice president of HUAWEI CLOUD China and director of the Ecology and Partner Development Department of HUAWEI CLOUD China, said in his speech at the meeting:
Chinasoft International, as the first partner of HUAWEI CLOUD in the same boat, has always been in the same boat with HUAWEI CLOUD and has been in the same boat all the way. After five years of cooperation with HUAWEI CLOUD, it has achieved rapid growth in performance and continued to lead the HUAWEI CLOUD public cloud battlefield. Chinasoft International is a core ecological force of HUAWEI CLOUD. HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to strengthen partner capacity building, help partners grow, build a comprehensive digital ecosystem with partners, and help thousands of industries and industries transform into digital and intelligent; services, and jointly build a cloud base for a smart world.

Sun Jiawei, Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International and CEO of Cloud Intelligence Business Group, said in his speech at the conference: This year is the fourth year of the establishment of Cloud Intelligence Business Group (hereinafter referred to as CIG). The overall space also proved the overall combat effectiveness of the Iron Army team on the cloud. In the future, as the vanguard of CIG's business transformation, Cloud Tiejun must become the main pioneer team in the second half of China's cloud service market expansion. Together with partners, they will quickly engage in the battle to lead customers to new upgrades, and quickly establish our capabilities and ecological advantages. , to seize the market share of cloud services and keep up with the pace of HUAWEI CLOUD.

This "Teaching Wutang" course uses a combination of training and warfare to improve the organizational capabilities of the Iron Army on the cloud and create a business matrix with high quality and high growth. Through the empowerment of systematic courses, the team conducts strategic introduction of multi-dimensional capabilities such as consulting and customer advisory sales, industry insight, business understanding, and self-developed products, and comprehensively improves the organization's business capabilities. The course combines Yunshang Tiejun's rich practical experience and advantages in the public cloud field, and puts real business scenarios into the training courses for business pain points. It promotes learning through practice and uses practice as a battle to comprehensively improve students' theoretical level and practical combat ability. Go all out to provide substantial "ammo" for the sprint.

At the moment when the overall strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation meets the great changes unseen in the world in a century, when opportunities and challenges coexist, the times call for true heroes, and crisis and suffering are the touchstone of heroes. Every era has its own heroes, and every era has its own struggles. We must use the tribulations of crisis to temper our leadership, not to waste the crises we may face, to be the heroes of our own era, and to be the digital iron army. hero!

The start is a sprint. Chinasoft International has already sounded the charge of the attack. We firmly believe that our goal must be achieved, and our goal must be achieved! With the original intention, perseverance, and complete faith, Chinasoft International will build a strong digital iron army, "as fast as the wind, as gentle as a forest, as plundering as fire, unmoving as a mountain, difficult to know as Yin, moving as thunder and shock", firm and resolute , Persevere with Huawei, and go on with Huawei Cloud to achieve continuous business breakthrough and growth, and achieve the final victory!