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RBL Token project update

At RBL, we research, we listen and we learn. And this is what we have been doing within the SmartDeFi space ever since ROX launched. We have watched many projects succeed and fail, and we have seen a lot of scams projects too unfortunately. And by having learned a lot from other projects, we still believe the RBL Token presale and launch are a perfect example for new SD projects.

So why then is RBL missing the X-factor? We think we know now, because we still listen and interact a lot with other SD project leads and SD investors:

- Appealing transactional burn mechanisms are missing
- Appealing tech or services are missing


Since we kicked off the project without any, burn mechanisms can easily be implemented and RBL will implement 3 transactional burn mechanisms:

- To kick-off the burn wallet, the RBL Team will send 1.5% of its unlocked team tokens to the burn wallet after which the burn wallet will auto generate reflections. This transaction will generate reflections for holders!
- RBL will no longer fWrap its investment portfolio profits and thereafter send fBNB to the Token smart contract to boost RBL Token’s market price. Instead, RBL will use its portfolio profits to Buy & Burn RBL Tokens. This will create buy pressure, volume, scarcity, growth of the asset backing pool and reflections for holders from the burn transactions!
- A new service will be developed of which earnings will also Buy & Burn RBL Tokens. See 2 New Service.


RBL consist of a group of crypto enthusiasts, investors, traders, and we are successful in buying the best-in-class projects, either extremely early or when sentiment is at its lowest and fear at its highest. The main goal is to maximize profits and this experience and strategy is tokenized with RBL Token and RBL Portfolio generating profits for the token as a result.

Our target audience are SMART money investors that are interested in having exposure to FEG Ecosystem based crypto assets like SmartDeFi Tokens, but lack time, deeper interest, or technical knowledge to do what we already do best for several years now.

In addition to holding RBL Token to gain exposure to the best SmartDeFi projects out there, RBL will develop an onboarding workshop for SMART money investors ($5K+ as minimum to invest) which will include:

- Introduction to blockchain investing, SmartDeFi projects in specific.
- Introduction to RBL Token and SD projects RBL Portfolio is invested in.
- Workshop “how to buy SD Tokens” by taking new investors by the hand and help them set-up a wallet, buy BNB, use FEGEx, buy ROX Token and buy RBL Token being as the use case tokens during the workshop.
- We are keen to build the onboarding workshop around FEGex and Grafene wallet which could potentially develop into a marketing or a third-party supplier relationship with FEG.
- The onboarding workshop will be online and fully anonymous to protect privacy on both sides, however we will be contacting the SDOX team and brainstorm if they could provide any services that would create safety, trust and comfort for both sides.
- The workshop can also be offered to potential SMART money investors that are initially interested in SD projects that are part of RBL Portfolio holdings. We will be working closely on this with these projects.
- Finally, we think Divvy Dashboard would be the go-to-platform for new investors to monitor and manage their investments in SD and we will be sharing suggestions on ‘investors dashboarding’ with the Divvy team.

Fee for the workshop will be a payment / project donation model which will Buy & Burn RBL Tokens. RBL Team will never claim any revenues.


RBL herewith also redefines its SMART Rebalance strategy and we will be more aggressive in taking profits on RBL Portfolio’s holdings. This means we will still SMART Rebalance the holder positions and sell reflections, but a rule will be added to take trade profits sooner should a token increase significantly in a short period of time. We will set ‘profit taking’ thresholds for each project separately based on a project’s phase, development and chart. We will always avoid impacting the markets of the projects we hold by only selling in small orders.

In addition, RBL will from now on use 70% (previous: 40%) of its Portfolio profits to Buy & Burn RBL Tokens and retain 30% for new early investment. With this change RBL Token will benefit more on the short-term and less on the long-term.


To kick-off all changes here is what will go down in the following order:

1) The RBL Team will first be claiming its reflections on the locked Team tokens and will then send 5,000 RBL Tokens in total of its earned reflections on both locked and unlocked Team wallets to the RBL Portfolio wallet as a donation.
2) RBL Team will then be donating 15,000 RBL Tokens of its unlocked Team holdings by sending the tokens to the RBL Portfolio wallet as a donation.
3) RBL Portfolio will then send 15,000 RBL Tokens to the burn wallet which will result in a large spread of RBL Token reflections.
4) RBL Portfolio will then use 5,000 RBL Tokens for a test Buy & Burn event. RBL Tokens will be sold in the market, bought back and then burned for Asset Backing after. RBL Team will try to avoid – but cannot guarantee – any delay between the sell and buy back transactions.
5) Exact date and time of the events will not be disclosed to avoid any market manipulations. However, since all transactions are visible on the blockchains, the RBL Team cannot avoid any notifications from others that are not directly involved in the RBL project.


The RBL Team will be working over the next couple of weeks to the bring the onboarding workshop to market and to update the website, roadmap and all social pages and marketing material with all changes as described in this write-up.


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