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Sunday, 05/01/2022 9:04:52 PM

Sunday, May 01, 2022 9:04:52 PM

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I seen lots posts here that has no info of facts. Arent these chat rooms here 4 exchangin good or bad ideas? Facts still?

tggi trans global group

questions bein' asked by community and other questions need answers to get rid fud out there

I seen a bunch twitter accounts spreadin good and bad sides, both strong and weak facts and info, i'm naturally skeptic who takes side on caution sometimes.

I seen docs with lots a good info that builds strong case for tggi to make big move, but i'm startin to see cracks formin on surface, hopin some u here can iron out with me.

otc markets has comp address on website that does not have what's on sec docs. otc docs market say "unaudited" on some them. Not sure how or why? Shrug. Who cares I guess, small prob.

Whoever writes filings otc market has hard time spelling, making gramm. errors on company address on otc website, goes back and forth callin' Ren male and female, weird, but okay. I seen the docs. Spellin errors, mistakes on sex? Attorney claim zoom call, see and hear, nothin' said about author. shares or gender of Ren.

Big issue is prob of authorised shares. Big number makes me think why isn't listed in docs, its on otc website? Can someone share info on it pls? Maybe I need to look better? I notice says 60 days after Mar 18 22 tggi can exercise 20000 preferred shares. 20000 pref shares are worth 6 times that in commons shares, so 120 mil shares if I did calc ok. It says within 60 days exerc., not sure when or how much they sell, if they do. At price now, if they sold all that will pay CEO and other person about $1.5 mil at price now.

More things I see are comp changed state registr. 3x as of 14. Prob okay, penny stock change all the time and its shell comp. Comp had 3 diff attorneys since 18. Could be somethin small, starts to make me think why all changes?. Comp changes attorneys 3 times under 4 years, changes state registr. 3x since 14. Yes its shell, I see I see. Makes me question things ya know.

Then comes why comp uses different sexes for REn. Multiple fillings show Ren listed as man, then multiple filings list Ren as woman. Which is it? Why is that? Simple mistake? Why does it seem like its written by two diff people? Is that problem or it's TA making mistakes? Why new attorney say he looked at docs and everythin looks good? Attorney didnt look at new docs as good he said he did? Somethings off. TA missed? Lawyer missed it? Both missed things?. Thats makes me think. I called jason, tggi ta and asked him why? He couldn't give me good answers on FRI. I sat and thought about it for 2 days. Not sure whats going on. shrug

Next things why Chinese companies Ren in charge of, why are websites not updated in awhile? They have news there from 21, why not update all websites for Ren's companies? Does it matter? then Ren going backdoor thru HK takin china comp public on america penny stock exch? pink current mark? why? It's odd to me I guess. I worry too much, thats me. Can traders start givin' good facts here 'bout real questions pls? pls don't tell me 'bout other stuff. I seen it all over, I know whats known. Help me see what isnt known. Thx

waitin' to see 8K drops. Hopin' it does