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Chinasoft International was awarded the Gartner 2021 Global IT Services TOP80, becoming the fastest-promoting company in the Chinese enterprise rankings.


April 18,2022

Gartner, the world's authoritative IT research and consulting agency, released the latest "2021 IT Service Market Share Ranking". Chinasoft International, Huawei, Alibaba, China Mobile, Tencent, China Telecom, and China Unicom, seven Chinese companies once again joined the global IT service provider market. Share TOP100. In the context of the ongoing epidemic and the changing global situation, Chinasoft International has been on the list for four consecutive years, ranking 80th, becoming the company with the fastest promotion among Chinese enterprises, fully demonstrating the value of Chinasoft International as a leading IT service enterprise in China and tenacity!

In 2021, in the face of complex domestic and foreign environmental challenges, the company will firmly "draw a blueprint to the end", actively participate in the long march of scientific and technological innovation of "pierce the sky upwards and take root downwards", and further promote FFW (From, For , With) strategic decomposition and implementation, continue to maintain the strong growth of cloud business, realize the transformation from a service company to an innovative enterprise with "root technology", and achieve a new high since listing in 2021.

Based on the "four haves" of "brand, willingness, strength, and trust", the company seizes the strategic opportunity of digital transformation in the industry, deepens and expands existing customers to increase penetration; expands new customers for cornerstone business and expands coverage rate, form a new and high-quality scale market space, attract customers, and follow the growth path of "from software to business, and then to business". The company is committed to creating a win-win situation with platform/product partners. In cooperation with platform companies such as UFIDA, Mingyuan, Kingdee, and Fenxiangpinke, the company will jointly expand the "platform + service" ecosystem and provide them and customers with large-scale Xingjie customized development, co-creating application service business models, and relying on super integrator channels such as local governments and state-owned platforms to provide digital transformation services for more central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and leading industry customers, highlighting the company's brand of "digital transformation service experts" value.

Relying on 20 years of soft engineering ability accumulation and SKA customer cornerstone business experience reserve, the company outputs best management practices with software factories to help customers focus on lean operation and improve management efficiency. Establish a software workshop model with front shop and back factory, based on industry insights and top-level planning, provide customers with consulting services such as overall digital transformation plan planning, process SOP deconstruction and mature tools and methods, and establish efficient secondary development based on a low-code platform. And customized development mode, use platform tools to accelerate service productization, improve the reuse of experts, knowledge, and code; accelerate industry cloud service aPaaS, and achieve large-scale breakthroughs in cloud solution market segments.

As the vanguard of Chinasoft International's second-curve innovative business, the cloud intelligence business continues to maintain rapid growth. Adhering to the strategic positioning of "going to the cloud, managing the cloud and being native, understanding the cloud, understanding the line, and gathering ecology", it has formed a partner ecosystem covering consulting, services, technology, channels, etc. Layout, to be a reliable full-stack cloud management service partner and digital transformation co-creation partner. Ranked second in the IDC third-party cloud management service market, cloud migration and cloud development professional services both ranked first, and HUAWEI CLOUD ranked first in omni-channel comprehensive ranking and ecological performance.

In 2021, the company will join hands with Shenzhen Capital Group and others to jointly establish Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd., to obtain valuable admission tickets for Open Source Hongmeng, and to take root in the business of operating system distribution. And with open source Hongmeng as the lead, it builds full-stack capabilities to support the multi-level business development pattern, and establishes a new identity as a "digital transformation service expert" by building an ecological model of "platform + service".

It has been ranked among the top 100 global IT service providers in terms of market share for many years, representing the comprehensive strength of Chinasoft International as a leading software service provider in the industry and has been highly recognized by international authorities. Looking forward to the future, the company will be based on the provider of high-quality resources, stable and high-quality deliverers, the best overall cost, the co-builder and guardian of products, and the strict executor of internal control management, through active supplier performance management. And joint innovation, become a strategic supplier of customers, improve the strategic synergy with customers, continue to achieve quality, valuable and meaningful growth, and continue to achieve the goal of "being one of the best in the world" technology-based IT service leader enterprise Step forward and become a very valuable brand in the territory of the great motherland!