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Friday, 04/08/2022 4:38:28 PM

Friday, April 08, 2022 4:38:28 PM

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Not all conspiracies are theories.

PLEASE hear me out.

"Conspiracy Theorists" told you Russiagate was bullshit.

We were right.

"Conspiracy Theorists" told you Spygate was real.

We were right.

"Conspiracy Theorists" told you Covid was a hoax.

We were right.

"Conspiracy Theorists" told you that the ultimate goal was endless vaccines and a digital tracking system.

We were right.

"Conspiracy Theorists" told you that there were safe, cheap and effective therapeutics that could have saved countless lives.

We were right.

"Conspiracy Theorists" told you that the vaccines would be ineffective and harmful. That they would cover up the data to protect the narrative.

We were right.

"Conspiracy Theorists" told you Biden and the Democrats stole the election. That his administration would be an epic disaster.


But here's the thing…

Our mission isn't to gloat.

Our mission isn't validation or vindication.

Our mission is to help you SEE. For the very first time.

The MSM has KNOWINGLY lied to your face 24/7/365 for decades. They've laughed at you behind closed doors as you've swallowed their false narratives hook, line and sinker. They spend hours every evening telling you how terrible the world is…filling your mind with negativity and FEAR.

They labeled those of us trying to help you understand as bigots, racists and terrorists.

You know that simply isn't true.

They've silenced any and all dissenting opinion and labeled those thoughts as a threat to democracy.

You know that isn't right.

Aren't you tired of being gaslighted and straight up lied to?

Who has more to gain from lying to you?

Your family and friends or the people who enrich themselves through a corrupt, rigged and immoral system that only benefits the 1%?

That same corrupt and disingenuous collection of talking heads is now telling you that we are on the brink of nuclear war with Russia.

"Conspiracy Theorists" are telling you that isn't true and that massive corruption will be exposed as a result of Putin's "special military operation" in Ukraine.

We will be right again.

Please let this be the last time you allow yourself to be duped by people who don't care about you and are paid to lie to your face.

Let this be the moment when you finally realize that it's US (WE THE PEOPLE) VERSUS THEM (THE POWER HUNGRY DECEIVERS).

We are not defined by our political affiliation.

The two party system is an illusion of choice.

A brilliant yet maniacal division tactic.

We are not defined by the color of our skin or which God we choose to believe in.


Divide and conquer has been the method to their madness for centuries.

Let this be the moment when you finally realize that humanity deserves better.

That humanity deserves TRUTH.

That humanity thrives when we are UNITED.

That we've been deprived of that feeling for many generations.

Let this be the moment when you realize why the term "Conspiracy Theorist" was invented in the first place.

Relentless Truth@Lebronsonroids