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Re: jondoeuk post# 23

Monday, 04/04/2022 6:33:36 PM

Monday, April 04, 2022 6:33:36 PM

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5055 - Precise segmentation of growth patterns in TRACERx lung adenocarcinoma!/10517/presentation/18433

5636 - V-delta-1 T cells are resident in the human lung and associate with survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer in the TRACERx Study!/10517/presentation/18670

5710 - Identification of convergent gene repression mechanisms through integrative genomic and DNA methylation analysis in TRACERx!/10517/presentation/18766

5818 - Features of cancer cachexia in non-small cell lung cancer: Insights from the prospective TRACERx study!/10517/presentation/18790

6080 - The heterogeneity and evolution of lung neuroendocrine tumors within TRACERx!/10517/presentation/18959

6091 - Evolutionary characterisation of lung adenocarcinoma pathological subtypes in TRACERx!/10517/presentation/18970

6113 - Spatially resolved biomarker detection on single cells in TRACERx using multiplex imaging!/10517/presentation/18032

6217 - TP53 loss with whole genome doubling mediates heterogeneous intra-patient therapy response in EGFR-driven lung adenocarcinoma: A TRACERx study!/10517/presentation/19053

LB504 - Automated grading of growth patterns in lung adenocarcinoma-from TRACERx to LATTICe-A!/10517/presentation/19990

Lung cancer evolution and its prognostic impact!/10517/presentation/435

692 - Patient-derived co-cultures of TRACERx lung cancer organoids and autologous T-cells reveal heterogeneity in immune evasion between cancer subclones!/10517/presentation/13698

645 - Heterogeneity of immunotherapy biomarkers in the TRACERx non-small cell lung cancer multi-region lung cancer cohort study!/10517/presentation/12564

674 - Tracking the transcriptome of lung cancer-associated fibroblasts within the TRACERx lung study from patient to culture models reveals phenotypic plasticity and instructive cues from cancer cells!/10517/presentation/13235

1211 / 7 - Allele-specific copy-number based deconvolution of bulk tumour RNA sequencing data from the TRACERx study!/10517/presentation/15832

1394 / 25 - Pervasive allele specific transcriptional repression of the class I and II HLA genes in TRACERx non-small cell lung cancer!/10517/presentation/14639

1591 / 6 - Convergence of antigenic diversity and Tex-cell stability fatally constrains immune surveillance in non-small cell lung cancer (TRACERx) and HIV-1 infection (Protocol C)!/10517/presentation/14124

1603 / 18 - Genomic transcriptomic evolution in TRACERx lung cancer and metastasis!/10517/presentation/14137

1699 / 16 - SignaTree: A tool to identify evolutionary trajectories of the activity of mutational processes in TRACERx!/10517/presentation/14141

1926 / 5 - Machine learning-enhanced image and spatial analytic pipelines for imaging mass cytometry applied to the TRACERx non-small cell lung cancer study!/10517/presentation/14797

2197 - Targeted cancer therapy induces APOBEC fueling the evolution of drug resistance!/10517/presentation/13694

2144 - Holistic sampling of clonal dynamics using cfDNA in lung TRACERx!/10517/presentation/12566

2784 / 18 - A robust copy number based clonality classification for multiple pulmonary tumors in routine pathology practice by shallow next generation sequencing of formalin fixed clinical specimens!/10517/presentation/12713

3043 / 1 - Exploring the microbial landscape of NSCLC through TRACERx!/10517/presentation/11523

3096 / 3 - Multi-region patient-derived xenograft models from non-small cell lung cancer patients enrolled in lung TRACERx!/10517/presentation/14356

LB153 / 6 - Clinical relevance of spatial intermixing of growth patterns and immune infiltration in lung adenocarcinoma-from TRACERx to LATTICe-A!/10517/presentation/20375

3626 - Genomic evolutionary patterns in matched pre-invasive and invasive lung disease in TRACERx!/10517/presentation/16334

3609 - Defining extrinsic and intrinsic mechanisms of immune evasion in TRACERx using imaging mass cytometry!/10517/presentation/13896

3792 / 5 - TRACERx: Mapping the evolution of metastases in non-small cell lung cancer!/10517/presentation/14147

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