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Empowering innovation, Shenzhen Kaihong released the KaihongOS release version for the financial industry.


March 30, 2022

On March 28, the online press conference of Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shen Kaihong") was successfully held. Refining cutting-edge practices, focusing on financial technology, and exploring the road of comprehensive and innovative financial digitization and intelligence, Shenzhen Kaihong released the KaihongOS release version for the financial industry, enabling efficient, smooth, safe and reliable intelligent financial interactive development in the financial industry.

The event invited Mr. Sun Wenlong, Secretary General of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, Mr. Hou Peixin, Chairman of the OpenHarmony Project Group Working Committee of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, Mr. Chen Yuhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Chinasoft International Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. He delivered a speech, providing direction and strategic guidance for the future technology research and development of Shenzhen Kaihong and even the whole field.

At the same time, the first batch of partners of Shenzhen Kaihong OS for the KaihongOS release in the financial industry represented Mr. Guo Song, Chairman of Shenzhen Uboxun Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Huang Zhongheng, Vice President of Fujian Chuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. to attend the event, focusing on the operating system of the financial industry. The application status and future development of the two sides will be shared and exchanged, and the two sides will have expectations for the in-depth cooperation in the fields of finance and the Internet of Things in the future.

Based on open source ecology - Co-creating a new era of intelligent IoT operating systems
With the development of the digital economy, the country is paying more and more attention to the construction of the open source industry and ecology. In 2021, "open source" will be written into the national "14th Five-Year Plan" for the first time. Supporting open source and developing open source has become an effective way for my country to achieve technological innovation and breakthroughs. way. Shen Kaihong has actively participated in the co-construction since the establishment of the OpenHarmony open source project. Based on OpenHarmony, it focuses on the technology research and development and continuous innovation of the intelligent Internet of Things operating system (KaihongOS).

Mr. Sun Wenlong, Secretary General of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, pointed out: "Shen Kaihong, as a platinum donor of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation and a B-type donor of the OpenHarmony project group, has contributed to the technological innovation, community co-construction, and developer empowerment of the OpenHarmony project. , community operations and other aspects have made important contributions.”

Mr. Hou Peixin, chairman of the OpenHarmony project group, further said: "In terms of co-construction, SZK has led or participated in the co-construction work and community activities of more than ten community interest groups, and dozens of empowerment trainings have cultivated developers and expanded the ecosystem for the community. ; In terms of code contribution, Shenzhen Kaihong has formed a dedicated team and has submitted tens of thousands of lines of code to the community in the past two months alone.”

Joining OpenHarmony, while absorbing the power of the underlying technology, Shenzhen Kaihong actively feeds back the ecology and empowers the industry. Mr. Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of Chinasoft International and Chairman of Shenzhen Kaihong, said: "Shenkaihong continues to gather authoritative experts and top talents in intelligent terminal operating systems, and join hands with industry partners to continue to explore, to provide high-performance, unified interconnection, The distributed operating system that is safe and coordinated, and the industry solutions that cover the whole stack and all scenarios built therefrom, empower the intelligent and digital transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries such as finance, government affairs, energy, transportation, and industrial manufacturing, and are committed to Create a secure base for digital China and jointly create a new era of intelligent IoT operating systems."

Based on the foundation of OpenHarmony, Shenzhen Kaihong is rooted in the industry ecology, continuously exploring the industry with KaihongOS, and deeply cultivating technology research and development. Join hands with Chinasoft International, combine the comprehensive service capabilities of both parties, and use hard-core technology and excellent capabilities to help launch full-scenario and full-chain industry transformation and upgrading solutions. The financial industry is KaihongOS's first industry-oriented answer sheet. It proposes comprehensive innovative and breakthrough solutions for complex scenarios in the financial industry. Around the KaihongOS release in the financial industry, it radiates the entire industry and is determined to solve multiple objects such as financial institutions, financial manufacturers, and consumers. The pain points and difficulties in many fields have opened up a new pattern of digital transformation in the financial field.

OpenHarmony's first industry distribution for financial terminals
The KaihongOS release for the financial industry released by Shenzhen Kaihong this time uses OpenHarmony as its technical base, and has made breakthrough innovations in underlying technologies such as kernel reduction and optimization, framework construction, and chip adaptation. It has passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation. It is the first operating system industry release for financial terminals.

Mr. Zhang Zhaosheng, CTO of Shenzhen Kaihong and Director of Product R&D Department, introduced that this KaihongOS release for the financial industry has four major technical advantages: distributed architecture, kernel-level security, high-performance IPC and deterministic delay, creating a full-capacity security Enhanced features, as well as business subsystems such as technology services, payment services, and security services, can provide a unified device language for the intelligence, interconnection, and collaboration of various financial terminals, enabling one system to be applicable to all scenarios.

Mr. Zhang Zhaosheng emphasized that for the security pain points that the financial industry has been concerned about for a long time, KaihongOS distribution has been strengthened from four levels, which can provide kernel-level fine-grained permission control, key area detection, trusted execution environment, identity authentication and key management, etc. System level security.

The launch of KaihongOS in the financial industry of Shenzhen Kaihong is in line with the development trend of financial technology, and will provide a leading, comprehensive, innovative and solid technical foundation for the digital transformation of financial institutions, opening a new chapter for financial terminals. At the same time, it can bring consumers a new experience of efficient, smooth, safe and reliable smart financial interaction.

Comprehensive innovative operating system enables digital upgrade of financial terminal equipment
With the continuous deepening of informatization, the increasingly complex international competition pattern has made financial information security risks increasingly severe, and the comprehensive innovation and development of equipment chips and operating systems in the financial industry has become the general trend. The competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and equipment manufacturers are faced with increasingly high requirements on chip configuration and increasing costs. The financial market urgently needs an effective solution. The KaihongOS release version of Shenzhen Kaihong for the financial industry uses a set of operating systems to cover multiple devices and all scenarios, and to consistently optimize the multi-end experience.

Mr. Liu Pengfei, President of Shenzhen Kaihong Financial Business Department, explained: "Shenkaihong hopes to help industry partners fully embrace changes, achieve transformation and upgrading, and find the second or third curve of business growth through the research and development of a comprehensive and innovative IoT operating system."

Enabling all scenarios to accelerate the innovation of the financial industry
As a provider of operating systems, Shenzhen Kaihong adheres to its positioning as an industry enabler, enabling financial terminal manufacturers to make equipment well. At present, KaihongOS release version 1.0 for the financial industry can cover the vast majority of payment terminals such as code-scanning POS, smart POS, code-scanning boxes, cloud speakers, etc. Shenzhen Kaihong has launched business cooperation with Uboxun and Chuangshi Technology.

Mr. Guo Song, Chairman of UBoxun, said that UBoxun and Shenzhen Kaihong will work together to promote the core upgrade of the industry and IoT smart terminals, realize the three-dimensional construction of an ecosystem for digital and intelligent transformation of the financial industry, and build a comprehensive and innovative operating system for digital China.

Mr. Huang Zhongheng, vice president of Chuangshi Technology, said: "Chuangshi Technology and Shenzhen Kaihong have carried out in-depth cooperation in the fields of finance and the Internet of Things, and have developed traditional POS, smart POS, intelligent cashier terminals, face recognition terminals, code scanning terminals and Cloud speakers and other products, and services are built around the KaihongOS distribution of Shenzhen Kaihong for the financial industry."

Prosperity of domestic open source ecology enables thousands of industries
Shenzhen Kaihong continues to improve its own technical capabilities and expand ecological cooperation. In the future, it will join hands with more financial industry partners to build a service capability ecosystem around KaihongOS, and give full play to the role of digital technology in amplifying, superimposing, and multiplying the digital economy. The deep integration of technologies will help accelerate the process of digital economic innovation.

This conference is of great significance to the digital transformation of the financial industry and the prosperity of the domestic open source ecosystem. Mr. Zhou Zixiang, President of Shenzhen Kaihong, said, "We want to build a leading intelligent IoT operating system that belongs to the Chinese people!"

In the future, Shenzhen Kaihong will always take the vision of connecting all things in the world, anchor the strategic goal of becoming the leader of the intelligent Internet of Things operating system, shoulder the mission of the era of empowering thousands of industries and enabling intelligence, focusing on digital terminals, digital Explore life and digital production, empower intelligent and digital transformation in the fields of consumption, finance, party and government, law enforcement, people's livelihood, energy, transportation, industry, etc., accelerate the realization of the ambitious goal of digital China, and serve the national digital economy!