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Thursday, 02/03/2022 11:22:11 AM

Thursday, February 03, 2022 11:22:11 AM

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How To Be Your Own Corona-COVID Doctor !!
To Save Yourself & Family & Children From Any Virus.

1. Buy Selenium-Yeast Powder In Capsules of 50 and 100 mcg to Variate Dosings, for example at US Schiff, Inc., etc., By Storage in Refrigerator to keep Dry.
In combination with Selenium, daily Take Max. Vitamin-C 200mg if available as prolonged, Zinc 15mg, Iron 15mg, Mangan 5mg, for not affecting the Good Selenium-Effect !
Selenium always need To Be Taken Separately by either 2 Hours before or after any Other Substances or Medications, for not affecting the Good Selenium-Effect !
Selenium will never interfere with Any Medications, contrary only supporting them for even better functions !
The Selenium As Base to take For Improved Good Normal Functioning Immunsystems, this also as Important at Immuno compromised Persons such as HIV, Cancer-Chemotherapeutics, or Children's and Elderly with usually weaker Immunsystems !

2. The Selenium-Yeast Application For Basic Prevention By Improved Immunsystem !
By Adults Daily Taking 200 - 250 mcg.
By Smaller Children Daily Taking 50 mcg.
( By WHO Selenium Registration Is Recommended Daily 200 mcg for Adults. )
Selenium-Yeast has the same natural configuration as in Fresh-Tuna-Fish.
An improved Immunsystem is also improving Any Vaccines !!

3. If under above Point 2. Selenium-Prevention, Corona-COVID Symptoms Occur As Thoat Soreness Inflamed Angina Like and Body-Temperature Above 37 Celsius with COVID-Test-Positive :
Buy Acyclovir 200mg Tablets 25 T. Packing, at every Pharmacies worldwide cheap available for about $ 5 ( In US May $ 50 ) and if some Dr.-Prescription is requested "To Take It For Flu-Colds" as approved !!
For Within The First 5 Days of Symptoms, Taking :
At Adults for 6 Days, Daily 2x 400mg by 2 Tablets every 12 Hours.
At Smaller Children for 6 Days, Daily 3x 100mg by 1/2 Tablets every 8 Hours.
( Symptoms within 24-48 Hours should disappear and If there is Any Complication or Shortness of Breathing, immediately Contact Your Doctor or Hospitals ! ! !
Principally You should not take this without Doctors-Consultation, because You May also have some Other Conditions necessary to consider !! )
For measuring Body-Temperatures take Mercuric-Thermometers for 10 Minutes, they more precisely and so more reliable, where The Normal Body-Temperatur is below 36,5 Celsius To Aware !
Until today Never have any problems with this, but Never Say Never, to be of Help.

4. Related to Selenium at Corona-Conditions To Cure there is also by different Dosing & Intervals some opportunity as Well Explained In My Former Posts. Related to "Selenium" and "Acyclovir" Please see My Former Posts also with Evidence Links of Good Institutions to consider and interesting to read !
Where is also by Details explained how I Eliminated My 2x Corona by Alpha/2020 and Delta/2021, I just by too many opportunities don't like to make it complicated.

Wish Everybody Good Health & Survival In These Times

PS : Related to general Objective Corona-COVID Informations, also the US international NIH.Gov is to recommend and to add, to keep in mind to forget about CDC and Fauci.

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