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Tuesday, 02/01/2022 12:50:20 AM

Tuesday, February 01, 2022 12:50:20 AM

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If understanding how the Immunsystem can work, then it is explained that at every Vaccination the Body gets, the Dominance gets stronger with the Kind of Antibodies the Vaccines request to be produced and if this are the Kind of Antibodies which do not fit, wrong, and the Immunesystem with limited Capacity mainly good only for One Kind of Task at the time, then We have the Situation that 1-2x Vaccine is not as bad as 2-3 or Now just politically For The Feel Good Factor have even 4x Vaccinated as by CDC Fauci Politicians because have nothing else to tell.
We have the same at Sheba University in Israel where they tested the 4x Vaccinated and could see that it's just the same as 3x by initially 75% Effectivity just in Producing Antibodies and after 1 Month just 25% in Effectivity against Omicron and so refusing the 4x, but then it goes to the Political Health Minister and publicly requesting The 4x Vaccination.
In Middle of 2020 a Internationally well recommended and in International Viruses Gremiums acting Prof. Dr. in Virology from South Afrika mentioned "with the kind of Vaccines it becomes a Cat & Mouse Game with every 3-4 Months some New Vaccine" something never possible to hear from Fauci-Baby with its poor qualifications.

About the Pharma we have to understand, that the "To Do List" for Scientists is made By Management and for them Vaccines every 3 Months is Profits-Paradise and every 6 Months as Reasonable and Once Annually about the Minimum of Possible Profits-Interests, if some thinking they just work "To Help People's" will be pretty Naive.

For example so many People did Die From Corona, and We Effectivity have the Anti-Corona-Pill since 40 Years, but there is the Pharma-Dominanz because only Pharma does FDA Products Registrations and resulting also the Health-Insurances telling The Doctors what to prescribe, instead The Good Pro-Active Doctors telling them What To Do and that just Physical Properties applied !
Take the 40 Years old Anti-Corona-Pill called "Acyclovir " where it is Blocking the Prime-Nucleobase Guanine necessary for RNA or DNA Replication and since all Viruses or Organisms need a RNA to exist it naturally is working against All of Them, but at FDA registered only for Herpes or Flu-Colds, but not yet also for Corona and Quickly the Doctors Brains switched-off. Except Few Smarter Once Who Using It, because have a Higher Priority For Saving Lives.

I'm therefore not anymore reluctant and mention.

If have Symptoms and Corona-Test Positiv. take "Acyclovir":
At Adults for 6 Days, Daily 2x 400mg at every 12 Hours.
At Smaller Children for 6 Days, Daily 3x 100mg at every 8 Hours. ( 100mg of 1/2 Tablets )
Acyclovir 200mg Tablets, 25 Tablets Packing, Internationally Generic to Buy for $ 5 ( in US may $ 50 )
It's already worldwide easy available at every Pharmacies !!
( Goodbye Merck & Pfizer for $ 600 )


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