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Think Microbes for Better Aerobic Digestion and Sludge Dewatering:

by Julia Nielsen | Sep 25, 2018 | Aerobic Digestion, Bioaugmentation, Blog, Compliance, Microbiology, Sludge Dewatering, Wastewater Treatment

When it comes to oxygen, we need it to survive – that’s a given. Without it, our world would be a barren wasteland. Now picture thousands of species all co-existing with other creatures in this unique ecosystem, spewing hot life-giving chemicals like a volcano. So, what are these creatures? They’re anaerobic bacteria: single-celled organisms that don’t need oxygen to survive. In fact, if oxygen is present, it will kill them. On the other hand, aerobic bacteria do need oxygen to survive and, using microbiological products, aid in aerobic digestion and sludge dewatering.

How Does Microbial Aerobic Digestion Work for Sludge Dewatering?
When it comes to your wastewater facility, water teems with all these bacteria, both anaerobic and aerobic. The bacteria give off hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and without treatment, the water starts to smell. The sludge from these bacteria accumulating gums up the equipment and the FOG (fats, oils, and grease) begins to build up in your wastewater treatment plant. You want to take care of the problem quickly before complaints start piling up. Using a unique blend of microbes that are incredibly effective and cost-reducing aids in your aerobic digestion and sludge dewatering performance. These specialized microbes are found in our new ATS Innova MB™ product line.

Our products will speed up the rate of organic solids biodegradation to reduce your sludge volume and save you money. The advantages of using microbes in aerobic digestion include:

Reduced odors if properly designed and operated
Elimination of methane or that “rotten egg” gas
Low ammonia and BOD in return stream
Ease of startup and ability to control
Syringe dropping treatment in water for aerobic digestion
ATS Innova MB Products Solve Your Worst Problems
We created highly effective products as a companion to your aerobic digestion and sludge dewatering treatment, which will significantly reduce your sludge disposal, H2S removal production, and your reliance on polymers. You can also save on staff-hours by staying ahead of your sludge issues. Innova MB also helps improve:

Sludge and solids management
Odor reduction
FOG digestion
H2S removal
Corrosion reduction
Surface cleanings and reduced maintenance
Call ATS Innova for High-Performing Sludge Dewatering Products
We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to your wastewater issues. With our proven product performance and excellent customer service, you can count on our representatives to steer you in the right direction for the perfect solutions. Contact us today at 855.215.4600. We would love to give you a FREE wastewater plant walk-through to discuss your questions and concerns.

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