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Thursday, 01/27/2022 9:18:08 AM

Thursday, January 27, 2022 9:18:08 AM

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"Direct Investment + Industrial Fund" Accelerates the Construction of a New Ecosystem of Chinasoft International's Digital Services.


January 26, 2022

In order to accelerate the construction of Chinasoft International's digital service industry ecology, join hands with more outstanding innovative companies to build a development formation with high-quality, valuable and meaningful business portfolios, and firmly, resolutely, and persist in the frontiers of Hongmeng, cloud intelligence, enterprise application services, and software factories. In the field, build a leading industrial collaborative innovation platform to provide customers with full-stack digital transformation services. The company recently established an industrial investment fund-Shenzhen Qinglan Hongju Chinasoft International Venture Capital Fund (referred to as: Industrial Investment Fund), forming a "Industry Investment Fund". The new investment pattern of direct investment (M&A + strategic investment) + industrial funds (ecological + innovation)”.

The Industrial Investment Fund will focus on Chinasoft International's business strategy, continue to build and consolidate the digital service industry ecosystem through investment, and promote each other with Chinasoft International's existing business. By investing in digital service innovation companies with innovative technologies, excellent products, and industry resources, Chinasoft International's market and brand advantages, in-depth cooperation with industry leaders (Huawei, telecom operators, etc.), technology and high-quality service advantages, and Industry partners' industry Know-How advantages, product and customer precipitation advantages, work with industry partners to expand the market, innovate technology, "root down and pierce the sky", and provide customers with "consultation + product/solution + platform" + Technology-enabled" full-stack digital services to achieve a win-win situation for business and capital.

Another mission of the Industrial Investment Fund is to closely follow the general development direction of the country, explore and deploy the company's future extended business directions and new growth points, such as new energy/dual carbon, intelligent manufacturing/industrial Internet, hard core technology, smart Internet of Things, etc. In the field, relying on the precipitation of technology and market capabilities of the cornerstone business, seek new opportunities for technological and commercial success. Through investment, together with innovative enterprises, we can deeply feel the market changes, infuse and practice in the process of industrial innovation, choose a more favorable time and more accurate positioning for the company, enter new markets and quickly achieve large-scale growth, and help build the second, The third growth curve.

The establishment of the production investment fund is an important measure for Chinasoft International to achieve the strategic goal of the new decade and build a new ecosystem of digital services. The Industrial Investment Fund will give full play to the unique advantages of industrial capital in "understanding the industry, understanding enterprises, and understanding entrepreneurs" and "not only discovering value, but also creating value", integrating industry and capital forces, and working with industry partners to flourish in the digital service market In the strategic landscape of development, strong software base and technological innovation, win-win cooperation and create greater value.