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Thursday, 01/20/2022 11:37:43 AM

Thursday, January 20, 2022 11:37:43 AM

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With yesterday's Press Release, stating that comes the close of business this Friday (1/21/2022), the NorthView "units" currently being sold (NVACU) will be split into three pieces and thereafter trade as three separate entities (NVAC for the shares portion, NVACR for the Rights portion, and NVACW for the Warrants portion), I shot off my last round of purchases, achieving a share level slightly more than I had originally expected.

Now it is just a matter of waiting for "the News" (ie: the "rumors" portion, for me at least, has come to a close).

Interestingly, the average share volume is currently being reported at 361,957 shares per day, with today's volume so far just at 6,479 shares (of which, a certain blind squirrel had a hand in 85% of them).

My thoughts are two-fold:

1. Splitting up the units into three separate pieces, each of which is to be traded separately, must be a sign that the SPAC is quickly moving forward (ie: a target has been found). CLEARLY, the warrants to buy NVAC at $11,50 have absolutely no value today, since even in tact entire units are trading way under that value ($10.10 per unit). The same is true of the Rights, which only kick in when NorthView consummates a deal of some sort. Currently, those Rights are worthless, especially when one considers that if a merger doesn't occur within 2 years, all of the $ collected by the SPAC must be returned, and the Rights will have absolutely no value. So my thoughts are, the only logic in splitting the units now into 3 separately tradeable entities, is that there is an event coming, in the very near future, that will make each separate entity worth trading (and THAT is most likely an announcement of an acquisition target).

2. Most of the time, when you split things up, the value of the pieces is greater than the value of the whole (think about how a car's parts are worth more than the car itself, or how after a stock split, the new sum of the parts are worth more than the original whole). Along those lines, anyone who just wanted to own Shares would have had (up unto close of business tomorrow) to buy entire units, and essentially "pay something extra" for the two other pieces (Rights and Warrants) which they didn't want. NOW, however, starting next week, anyone who wishes only to hold shares can (theoretically) sell off the Rights and/or Warrants that they are not interested in, and anyone who just wants Shares and nothing else now has the ability to acquire exactly what they want. Here to, in this situation, the sum total of the parts should ultimately turn out to be greater than the unit as a whole. In other words, the $10.10 spent on a unit today will have a (slightly) greater value when the parts are summed up next week (such as $10.15?, etc.).

If nothing else, the Press Releases shows progress moving forward, which is the whole purpose of the move forward and actually "buy" something.


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