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$Simple Math says $50,000 to $87,500 Gold Price – Jim Sinclair
By Greg Hunter On May 10, 2020 In Market Analysis 315 Comments

$Rob Arnott On The Bang Moment And The Coming Great Awakening
January 03, 2022

Today the man who helps to oversee $170 billion warned King World
News that we are headed for a bang moment and a great awakening.

January 3 (King World News) – Eric King: “Rob, we are talking about currency destruction on a very large scale. With the Fed unable to jack up interest rates and the inflation genie out of the bottle, how will this be resolved? Because when Ludwig von Mises talked about a crack-up boom and the end of all of the money printing and expansion of credit being catastrophic, he’s right, isn’t he?”

Central banks accelerate shift from dollar to gold
More resilient to upcoming rate hikes, holdings rose to a 31-year high
in 2021

HARUKI KITAGAWA, Nikkei staff writer
DECEMBER 29, 2021 16:36 JST

TOKYO -- Central banks around the world are increasing the gold they
hold in foreign exchange reserves, bringing the total to a 31-year high
in 2021.

Central banks have built up their gold reserves by more than 4,500 tons
over the past decade, according to the World Gold Council, the
international research organization of the gold industry.
As of September, the reserves totaled roughly 36,000 tons, the largest
since 1990 and up 15% from a decade earlier.

The value of the dollar against gold has dropped sharply over the last
decade as large-scale monetary relaxation has kept boosting the supply
of the U.S. currency. Although the U.S. Federal Reserve is starting to
tighten its grip on credit, other central banks continue their shift to
gold, reflecting global concerns about the dollar-based monetary

Gold is not directly linked to any nation's economy and can withstand
global unrest in financial markets, Adam Glapinski, president of the
National Bank of Poland, was quoted by local media as saying in
September as he explained the Polish central bank's buildup of gold
The NBP bought some 100 tons of gold in 2019 and continues to purchase
the yellow metal.

The purchase of gold by emerging economies is continuing. In the first
nine months of 2021, Thailand bought some 90 tons, India 70 tons and
Brazil 60 tons.

Unlike U.S. government bonds and other dollar-denominated assets, gold
bears no interest. But the central bank of Hungary trebled its gold
reserves to more than 90 tons last spring because the metal is free
from credit and counter party risks.

Large purchases of gold were limited in the past to the central banks of
Russia and some other countries trying to free themselves from reliance
on the dollar because of political confrontations with the U.S.

Recently, the central banks of emerging economies, which tend to be
exposed to plunges in the value of their currencies, and of Eastern
European countries of limited economic scale have been noticeable
buyers. Faced with a persistent depreciation of its currency,
Kazakhstan has sharply raised the ratio of gold to foreign exchange

... For the remainder of the report:

The Fed has made clear it is ending its easy money policy and projected
that it will begin raising interest rates in 2022. But the central
banks of emerging economies are likely to continue their shift to gold
from the dollar.

Gold prices remain firm, although the metal is considered unresistant to
rate increases. On Dec. 23, gold was quoted at the $1,807 level per
troy ounce, up 2% from just before the Fed's Dec. 15 announcement of a
decision to accelerate the tapering of its quantitative monetary easing

$MERRY CHRISTMAS - Jaw Dropping" Move In Gold & Silver Amid Monetary Panic | Michael Oliver *~<smile)
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$Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. (“Kirkland Lake Gold” or the “ Company ”)
(TSX:KL) (NYSE:KL) (ASX:KLA) today announced that a quarterly dividend
payment for the fourt...

$Well; 2022 seems to be shaping up to be a very, very interesting year. smile)
$GOLD TARGET $3,100-$7,600: Last Time Gold Had This Setup It Surged 330%!

December 16, 2021

$Gold Surges Above $1,800 But This Will Trigger $30 Silver And $2,100 Gold
December 17, 2021

Is 2022 The Year For Gold & Silver? If The Central Banks & Private Citizens Keep Buying, It Will Be!
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TM You Lucky; Massive Price Change In Gold And Silver | Andrew Maguire & Danielle DiMartino Gold & Silver Forecast
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$Ep.56 LFTV: Basel III - The Elephant in the Room - Unprecedented Impact
for Gold and Silver

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C19 Note; Dollar has Stage 4 Cancer – Rob Kirby
By Greg Hunter On December 7, 2021 In Market Analysis No Comments

Bitcoin CRASH tied to Evergrande DEFAULT

$Davos Is Making The Central Bank Case For Gold
BY TYLER DURDEN - MONDAY, DEC 06, 2021 - 06:30 AM
Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, 'n
Guns blog,


$In GOD We Trust - Real Money - AU Safety 6000yrs smile)

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