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Wednesday, 12/29/2021 2:01:07 PM

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 2:01:07 PM

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My apologies to all, but I won't be posting on this board any longer.

All of my BLTA shares are currently not in a brokerage account but are being held by the Transfer Agent, awaiting the day that I will HOPEFULLY need to write them off in order to offset gains.

Although I know the progress in my legal matters is being closely monitored and discussed both here and by others, I don't truly believe that after all this time, and especially with the impact of COVID, that Baltia has any chance of revival.

I only checked back here when someone told me they googled my name and saw that it was being used quite liberally on the Baltia Airlines Board.

I just wanted to set matters straight: My personal legal issues do not have anything to do with the airline. Unfortunately, politics no longer support the Check Cashing Industry (Google "Operation Choke Point") and it is much easier for the executive branch to find a loop hole to destroy a man's family business than it is for the legislative branch to pass laws to put an entire industry out of business.

It took nearly 10 years, but now that the government finally found its loophole (the way check cashers handle post-dated checks), it appears based on stories I am hearing from those still in the industry, that the loophole found in my case is now being applied to the rest of the industry. The government truly wants a "cashless" society, and I am guessing that in 3 to 5 years, the check cashing industry and cash will be a thing of the past.

Check Cashing does not go well with the government's desire to monitor anyone's bank account without the need to obtain a subpoena or a warrant! I invite you to reference a little known clause in the "Build Back Better Plan" whereby the government would be allowed immediate and unrestricted access to ANY bank account that has a transaction of $600 or more, and check cashing stores would not fall under this proposed new law since check cashers don't accept deposit).

Best of luck to everyone in all of your future endeavors.

I honestly believe that the airline is a done deal. Any thoughts that the personal issues I am dealing with will drag Baltia Management into any kind of an investigation are completely absurd. The delay in finalizing my case - 10 years comes February 2022 - has nothing to do with "ratting" on anyone, certainly not anyone associated with Baltia Airlines in any way. When the Federal Government has an agenda, the Ends justify whatever Means are necessary to accomplish their goals, even denying an individual their 4th Amendment Right to protection from illegal Search and Seizure (Cross reference what the Federal Government recently did to James O'Keefe of Veritas). The delay in my case has nothing at all to do with anyone being "ratted" on, and when my case comes to a close, don't expect to see indictments for "Tony Baloney, et al. The reason my case dragged on for 10 years is that the government doesn't give up, and they took so long to find a technicality that they could use to bring me down.

Truly, Godspeed to all in wherever this life may lead you.

Please note that my posts are for discussion only. They should NOT BE CONSIDERED AS ADVICE FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL INVESTMENT CHOICES. ALWAYS do your own DD and feel free to question or validate my posts at anytime.

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