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Inheriting the red gene, creating a digital iron army | ChinaSoft International Party Committee and Disciplinary Committee were formally established!



On December 8, the ChinaSoft International Party Member Conference was successfully held. Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of ChinaSoft International, Tang Zhenming, Executive Director, Senior Vice President, and General Manager of the Party Committee Office of ChinaSoft International, Cao Yan, Senior Vice President of ChinaSoft International and President of Technology and Professional Services Group, and representatives of regional party branch secretaries and party construction commissioners Participate in the meeting and witness the official establishment of the ChinaSoft International Party Committee and Disciplinary Committee in the solemn national anthem!

Tang Zhenming read out the "Approval for the Approval of the Establishment of the Party Committee and Disciplinary Committee of Chinasoft International Co., Ltd." issued by the Non-public Party Building Office of the Zhongguancun Science City Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. After a fair, just and transparent election, five comrades Wang Xuejuan, Chen Yuhong, Hao Lishu, Tang Zhenming, and Cao Yan (in order of surname strokes) received more than half of the party members who participated in the election and were elected as members of the first party committee; Li Qingzhi, Hao Lishu, and Jiang Mengting (in order of strokes of surnames) totaled 3 comrades who received more than half of the party members who participated in the election and were elected as members of the first Commission for Discipline Inspection.

In his speech at the conference, Chen Yuhong quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping’s saying that “it’s easy to get at the beginning, but always difficult to keep”, and fully integrated the party’s century-old historical experience and the ten “persistences” proposed by the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee with the development of corporate organization and business development. Share my in-depth understanding of "let the Communist Party members become the backbone of the digital iron army".

"Adhere to the leadership of the party, insist on daring to fight, insist on independence, and insist on the united front." Emphasize that Marxism has found China and successfully landed in China. Among them, "persistence to dare to fight" is the most important feature. Marxism injects struggle into Chinese culture. Revolutionary ideas such as "policy out of the barrel of a gun" and "armed revolution" are important manifestations of "persistence to dare to fight". Marxist philosophy is the philosophy of struggle, and we insist on leadership, organization, and combat effectiveness in struggles. At the cadre meeting at the beginning of the year, we proposed that if oriental culture becomes the mainstream culture of the world in 30 or 50 years, the party’s history will become particularly valuable. For ChinaSoft International, upholding the leadership of the party means building corporate leadership, organization and combat effectiveness. "Adhere to the people's supremacy, adhere to the Chinese road, and adhere to the world in mind" is a generalization of Chinese culture. The prerequisite for the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is to adhere to Chinese characteristics. The thoughts of self-cultivation, family harmony, country governance, peace of the world, and the world for the public in the cultural genes of thousands of years are consistent with each other. The development of Marxism and socialism in this land of China is closely related to the "world for the public" in our cultural DNA. It is also the feelings of family and country behind the entrepreneurial spirit seen in China today. If the strength of religion is behind the development of Westerners, we rely on Confucianism, which is more essential and more scientific. This is also the foundation for the continuous progress of generations of Communists and Chinese. "Insist on theoretical innovation, persist in pioneering and innovative, and persist in self-revolution" emphasizes that our party can rely on inner-party democracy and self-revolution to break the law of historical cycles and achieve sustainable development. Our party’s centuries-old development wisdom is condensed into these ten sentences, covering the struggle of Marxism, the feelings of the family and the world, and self-revolution, among which self-revolution is closely related to the development of enterprises.

Enterprises insist on self-revolution and achieve entropy reduction. They need to give full play to the backbone of party members and promote self-reform of the organization. This is also an important practice for "letting party members become the backbone of the digital iron army." At present, all employees of the company formulate the strategic plan SP302, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the organizational positioning. Until the completion of the five-year plan in 2026, the basic nature of ChinaSoft International is still an efficient organization, an organization that locks in major customers with the lowest cost. At this stage, employee relations and learning and development will be two very important modules. The creation of a digital iron army starts with the learning and development of party members and the entire staff. Comrades in arms and colleagues learn and develop, and ChinaSoft International is committed to cultivating elite talents and backbones for the development of the motherland.

Based on the organizational positioning and SP302 this year, we insisted on working with customers as one, proposed proactive performance management, and put forward higher requirements on ourselves from the customer's standpoint, and passed on the spirit of "being persevering and being honest" to all levels of organizations, and improving beyond tactics. Organizational capabilities, to achieve the upgrade of organizational dimensions, make habits become beliefs, and create a digital iron army that serves customers and empowers the industry. Taking the establishment of the party committee as an opportunity, we must closely integrate party building with corporate organization building, closely integrate party building goals with corporate development goals, give full play to the professional capabilities of party members as the backbone, penetrate into all business levels, and empower the company to become a " The provider of high-quality resources, the deliverer of stable and high-quality, the co-builder and guardian of the product, the best overall cost, and the executor of internal control management".

Tang Zhenming, as the representative of the first party committee, made a statement at the conference. First of all, the party committee must advance the party building work on behalf of the company and build a digital iron army. As a party committee of a non-public organization, our key work is to serve the company’s strategic landing. Party members must "charge the front and enjoy the back". Always play an exemplary role and become the "locomotive" and "engine" of Chinasoft International's "Red Iron Army". Secondly, we must continue to strengthen the construction of the party member team. On the one hand, we actively encourage the old party members and key party members of the company to take the lead in transferring to the party organization relationship. On the other hand, we must vigorously develop new party members and enhance the vitality of the organization. Third, it is necessary to give full play to the role of the existing four general party branches and 15 party branches, continue to organize party members to study, and transform party history and military history studies into a series of activities to continuously improve the political literacy of party members. Fourth, the disciplinary committee was established at the same time at the conference. We will combine the work of the disciplinary committee with the integrity supervision work, further strengthen the integrity of the company’s content, punish corruption with a zero tolerance attitude, ensure the integrity of party members and cadres, and conduct corruption in the company. Crack down hard.

The original intention is easy to get, but it is always difficult to keep. ChinaSoft International held high the red flag of party building and took the establishment of the party committee and the discipline inspection committee as an opportunity to take the struggle spirit of Marxism, the feelings of the country and the world, and self-revolution as the sustainable driving force for the party building of non-public enterprises, and adhere to the clear style of honesty and integrity of the Chinese Communists. True character, earnestly implement the party’s basic lines, guidelines and policies, and promote the healthy and stable development of the company with high-quality party building; at the same time, it emphasizes integrity and integrity as the unchanging character of Communists and the red gene passed on from generation to generation, to create a red "digital iron army" , Let "invincible" become the faith of the digital iron army, let the "red culture" be integrated into the blood of the digital iron army, and let the "Communist Party members" become the backbone of the digital iron army, and provide guidance and guarantee for the new journey of enterprise development and digital transformation in China Contribute!