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Friday, 12/03/2021 8:51:26 AM

Friday, December 03, 2021 8:51:26 AM

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Followed LWLG for 20 years.

They have a Polymer that when applied to Silicon Photonics Triples the Speed and CUTS POWER Requirements for the Modulators in DATA CENTERS IN HALF. I'm sure everyone is aware that Power used by data canters requires carbon not only to operate but to Cool The Heat Produced. One day this name will be as common as Teflon, Intel inside and will even b on the Transistor. Do your homework it makes sense from a green standpoint, and it reduces the cost of building and operating a data center.

Check it out, I've been following this for 20 year, This company finally made the Nasdaq.

Successful inventors take two unrelated products and combine them to solve a problem then patent it and this is exactly what Lightwave Logic has done, but wait because it solves far more than a few problems.

It will be Ubiquitous, Period Full Stop, We are Golden.

Think about life today and what is one of the biggest problems facing society? Answer: the need for faster computing/communications and the need to reduce energy. Look around the world we live in and one of the most widely used products is Plastic. Lightwave logic solves that problem by marrying Electo Optic Polymer (Plastic) by combining it with Silicon (used in computers) and InP (which is used to produce the laser in Fiber optic Communications). Lightwave has done just that, it Triples the Speed inside the computers, uses Half the Power AND it removes the need for a Driver. To date what the industry did to solve this problem was to put another power hungry modulator next to the other but after putting 8 of those together it has pretty much hit the wall because the next step is 16. Plus each modulator takes up room and Lightwave modulators are a fraction the size of today’s modulators.

Now we’ve all known that this will have many uses and 2 of the latest just coming into focus within the past few months are:

1. Lidar which is used in both the military and for driverless cars.


2. Light used in the medical field, not only can this be used to speed up solving what is wrong with somebody it can also be used to modify a Light beam to diagnose various diseases and correct them. Someone that I’m close to uses lasers in the pet world to heal wounds.

Anyone that doesn’t think a problem solving so many issues and set to be used in the Automotive, Military, Medical, Communications and Computing and Green frontier market is not going to explode is living in the past.

Best Part about this is the plastic is proprietary meaning it is only available from one place, Lightwave Logic. Furthermore, even when a competitor creates an Elector Optic Polymer material similar to Lightwaves if they put it in a device they run into Squarely into Lightwaves Device Patents.

Who did this, honestly there were many but let me hit this at a high level. Fred Leonberger who is credited with todays modulator technology, Joe Miller Credited with saving Corning the world's largest manufacture of Fiber Optics, Admiral Zelibor who led the carrier group on 9/11 and is now an advisor to space force, NSA cats, before he passed away Ross Fasick Senior Executive VP - Polymers at Dupont all are beyond reproach they are here for a legacy not a paycheck. As information Lightwave has a Polymer (Ross Fasick) that Modulates Light (Fred Leonberger) the sigal travels down Fiber Optics (Joe Miller). Then we have The CEO Michael Lebby (who was inducted into the Elected to National Academy of Inventors) submitting Lightwaves patents and communicating with the industry oh remember that he produced the first International Photonic Systems Roadmap (looking at the needs of the industry), after studying the entire industry, he joined Lighwave logic to submit patents, go figure.

My friends we truly are on the gold.

Wait for the Green Crypto crowd to get ahold of this (If that’s not an oxymoron I don’t know what is).

Lightwaves material holds the world record, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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