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Wednesday, 11/10/2021 3:25:01 AM

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 3:25:01 AM

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SLAB buy 198.39

This is why I like that fibonacci system, except I integrate the extension into part of the retracement as an inverse retracement with the -% levels on the graph, relative to by beginning and endpoints, where the real fibonacci retracements are the +% levels. Either should do well and work the same way however. And regular old fibonacci extension tool should work also. Just my preference as it is simpler and I'm lazy and don't want to deal with that extra moving part.

Why would I use the levels the chart tool provides? Because it gives me a goal, an endpoint which I can use to structure a deal, ringing the cash register and booking the gain, instead of being open ended and hoping for a profit that might go away because of risk.

Once a deal has been set and agreed to, with an exit condition, the amount of money that can be applied and thus profit can be limitless. Of course this is tempered by the reality of the market cap of the stock though.

So here I could structure my deal saying I buy in now, and don't exit as long as fwmobo is green, and then sell when the chart gets to the next level. The deal is made, and the stock will make it to the next level as long as fwmobo is green or if you want the 50 ema is sloped upwards with the price above it. Going to only the next level is like picking low hanging fruit right in front of you.

How much money you make to make depends on how much you can buy and the chart can take considering the risk management plan. Risk is minimized with the exit criteria and selection of a low hanging fruit target that is readily available and repeatable across thousands of charts on tap and on demand.

Note that using the fib tool does not actually require you to choose points on the chart that follow a wave or time continuity, you can choose them at random. Perhaps select points in the past relative to the present also if preferred. Roll the dice and select two random days some random days apart and prove it doesn't matter as long as the price is between two fib tool display lines.

The fib tool enables you to structure your own deals in total privacy and convenience that work and that nobody knows about. It doesn't matter if they do know, as we see making fib tool measurements off support and resistance peaks still work fine also.

It isn't about percent moves, nor is it about net moves, it is that you can make the deal. Then you scale it up under controlled circumstances with an exit criteria by multiplication of numbers of shares bought. Big money makes big money.

This method doesn't need entry timing, just buy do it now and then place a sell limit at the next level keeping an eye on fwmobo to stay green on the current or higher timeframe until the done deal is exited.

Now you can make your own breaks, instead of depending on someone else to give you one, or hoping you get promoted for your hard work, or worrying about having to fit into some clique to do better.

You don't have to get all elaborate and invent something, be a celebrity or action hero, or make a needle in a haystack successful whatever business, just make a deal on the chart like this they're a dime a dozen...all the time every day...,uu[e,a]dhclyiay[uu][pb5!b10!b50!b100!b200!d20,2!h.02,.20!f][vb5!b20][iut!lv8!lk9!LE12,26,9!ll14!la6,13,5!la8,17,9!la12,26,9!uc14!ub14!ub6!lo!lp7,3!lh9,3!LI14,3!lxa!ld8!lq!lg14!lf14][j20444984,y]&r=3555b

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