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Integrating 5G power, Chinasoft International leads digital and intelligent transformation.



From November 1st to 3rd, 2021, the China Mobile Global Partner Conference was grandly opened in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. As China Mobile's annual event with the highest specifications, the largest scale, and the widest coverage, this conference has attracted the attention of the industry. Thousands of industry elites, experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered in Guangzhou to talk about digital and intelligent innovation and development.

With the theme of "Number is the future of intelligent computing for all things", this conference showcased the cutting-edge technological achievements of 5G + digital intelligence in all aspects and multiple fields, creating a grand 5G digital intelligence feast for the participants. As a strategic partner of China Mobile, ChinaSoft International brought a number of digital intelligence solutions centered on "5G + industry capabilities" to the exhibition, empowering enterprises to transform digital intelligence and helping them seize opportunities in the wave of digital transformation and ride the waves.

Take advantage of digitalization to become a pioneer in corporate transformation.
This year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The construction of the digital economy and the digital China strategy have been further implemented, and the digital transformation of my country's economic and social fields has accelerated. Press the fast forward button for the new digital infrastructure layout represented by 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet. Under this trend, both enterprises and the entire industry have been pushed into the trend of digitalization, and digital transformation of enterprises has become an inevitable choice.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic IT service industry, ChinaSoft International is also well versed in corporate development, seizing the opportunities of the digital economy, taking advantage of the digital east wind, completing a series of strategic transformations, and building a quality, valuable and meaningful development matrix:
- Consolidate the cornerstone business as the first growth curve to ensure that the company is absolutely leading in the industrial ecology;
- determine the cloud intelligence business as the second growth curve, and
- develop Jiefanghao and Hongmeng Ecosystem as the third growth curve, and explore opportunities for long-term growth in the future.
It is precisely under the correct strategic guidance that Chinasoft International has broken through 10 billion in revenue for four consecutive years, and has been ranked among the TOP100 in Gartner's "IT Service Market Share Ranking" published by Gartner for three consecutive years, and achieved a ranking promotion.

In addition, relying on deep IT development capabilities and project delivery experience, ChinaSoft International has helped many government and corporate customers realize digital transformation around the new generation of information technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, covering the top 500 companies in the world. Customers and many high-growth potential customers, involving finance, telecommunications, Internet, high-tech, government, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, energy, education and other industries, have become co-creation partners for the digital transformation of global customers.

Focus on 5G+ industry capabilities to empower government and enterprise digital transformation.
In this conference, ChinaSoft International, centered on the theme of "Integrating 5G Capabilities, Leading Digital and Intelligent Transformation", presented a series of industry solutions that are built with 5G technology as the core to help the digital and intelligent transformation of government and enterprises, including
- 5G+ Smart City,
- 5G+ Digital Factory,
- 5G+ Smart Government,
- 5G+ State-owned Cloud,
- 5G+ Software Factory,
- 5G+ Smart Transportation,
- 5G+ Smart Audit, etc.

This series of solutions are based on the system architecture of enterprise management, production, application, etc., through 5G + cloud side-end collaborative operation, realize the deep integration of IT, CT, and OT, and realize the integrated management and control of production and operation of horizontal coordination, vertical control, data sharing, and regional communication . Assist government and enterprise customers to achieve deep integration with 5G application scenarios, increase the digital transformation of government and enterprises, and promote the vigorous development of the digital economy.

In terms of smart cities, ChinaSoft International fully integrates 5G capabilities to help sink the capabilities of smart cities, and builds urban micro-units with buildings, blocks, communities, and parks as the foundation for the construction of new smart cities. Promote the realization of the goals of facilitation of public services, refined city management, livability of living environment, intelligent infrastructure, and long-term network security in the construction of new smart cities, and realize city and community-level digital shared services.

The digital factory is the foundation of industrial digitization. Based on years of in-depth research on my country’s traditional industrial scenes and a deep understanding of 5G communication technology, ChinaSoft International relies on rich experience in enterprise digital transformation, with cloud centers as the foundation and big data as the core. Through data sharing and openness, promote the ecological empowerment of 5G to traditional factories. Use 5G high-frequency and secure transmission to realize the internal data connection of the enterprise, create a data sharing and collaboration platform, use cloud computing power to achieve rapid and accurate enterprise decision-making, and realize digital management and process business construction through platform-based display, and build an industry-oriented one. The stand-alone platform solution realizes the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional factories.

The development of science and technology has promoted the improvement of production efficiency. While 5G and cloud computing technology have brought capacity upgrades, Chinasoft International has built security risks for the cloud platform that the current government and enterprise departments face in the field of digital transformation, and the development platform is difficult to fully adapt; deployment; A series of problems such as the inability to achieve unified management on multiple cloud platforms and high operation and maintenance costs of multiple cloud platforms have put forward their own solutions. Starting from the needs of government services, public services, and urban governance, we will coordinate and gather the data accumulated by their own business services to reorganize the data from their own business services, and carry out targeted reshaping based on the business characteristics of smart government, eliminate information islands, and form services for the public and enterprises. The new big data platform system supports the creation of a new model of urban development featuring precise governance and multi-party collaboration.

As a base for the promotion of state-owned enterprise credit creation, Guoziyun is also an important starting point for the implementation of credit creation in the industry. Chinasoft International makes full use of 5G, cloud computing and big data technology, and has deep accumulation in the fields of multi-cloud management, cloud fine operation and cloud native technology applications. And combined with users to take the lead in creating a hybrid cloud computing resource scheduling platform based on the Xinchuang architecture to help the construction of state-owned cloud. With the blessing of 5G technology, it will closely work with ecological partners to explore and build a new benchmark for state-owned cloud construction in the era of government cloud 3.0.

As an excellent global software and information technology service provider in the industry, software development capabilities are the foundation of ChinaSoft International. ChinaSoft International provides integrated IT service solutions from the core perspectives of development engineers, R&D process and management equipment, technical assets, etc., to provide government and enterprise customers with the best software productivity. Integrate emerging technologies such as AICDE and software engineering capabilities to build software smart factories in the process of enterprise digital transformation, and cooperate to build a high-performance 5G+ application research and development ecosystem.

In terms of smart transportation, ChinaSoft International has deeply integrated emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things with industry businesses, connecting ports, railways, urban rail transit, highways, airports and other transportation scenarios. Provide one-stop solutions for smart transportation, including full-stack services based on "cloud-side-end", end-to-end data services, and capability-based ITO/BPO services. Help my country's transportation industry to transform from a traditional extensive, human-based management model to a multi-dimensional management model that is intelligent, shared, and platform-based.

In terms of smart auditing, in order to solve the industry's pain points of insufficient professional staff, inconsistent data application, and standardization in audit work, ChinaSoft International has made full use of the new 5G+ big data audit model to empower audit work, and achieve full screening, in-depth screening, and Systematic traceability and other goals. Through the four characteristics of platform, data, intelligence, and visualization, accurate auditing can be realized, and 5G capabilities can be used to maximize the transformation of audit business.

ChinaSoft International was invited to attend the conference this time, not only for a comprehensive display of its own strategic transformation results, but also showing firm confidence in working with China Mobile to join hands with the entire ecosystem to seek new developments and new situations in the digital economy. In the future, ChinaSoft International will further explore opportunities for industry development, meet the needs of new business scenarios, continue to explore and improve service capabilities, continue to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and help more companies embrace changes in the digital age and win the future!