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Digital Intelligence Empowers Urban Smart Service ChinaSoft International Refitted at Shanghai City Expo.



On October 29, the "2021 Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo" (referred to as: Shanghai City Expo) with the theme of "Resilient City, Low-Carbon Life" was grandly opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. As a large-scale comprehensive software and information service benchmark company in China, ChinaSoft International is committed to empowering the development of the digital economy, and comprehensively showcases 5G+ smart cities, 5G+ smart transportation, 5G+ smart government affairs, 5G+ digital factories and other industries at this exhibition. Ability to share with the audience the latest achievements of Chinasoft International in different fields.

With the accelerated implementation of new technologies such as the Internet, big data, and cloud computing in my country, driving the development of the digital economy, the importance of smart cities as the carrier and concrete expression of the digital economy is obvious.

In terms of the concept of smart city construction and development, ChinaSoft International uses 5G communication technology as the carrier to propose “serving the development of smart cities with new methods, new technologies, and diversified complete capabilities”. ChinaSoft International coordinates a number of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, video, integrated communications, spatiotemporal information services, and artificial intelligence to drive the city to achieve comprehensive perception, extensive connectivity, deep integration, smart analysis, precise management and control, and continuous innovation. The concept of integration, through the integration of data in various fields of the city, to form a high-quality, recyclable urban data center to feed back urban people’s livelihood services, and to build an intelligent display platform for the operation of key areas such as economic innovation, government services, party building leadership, and civilized practice , Making it a new generation of smart city command center with "urban brain", truly visible, manageable, and controllable data, enabling the city to realize comprehensive intelligence, informatization, and digitization, so that the city has the ability to think.

At the same time, ChinaSoft International also demonstrated smart government affairs, smart transportation and 5G digital factories in this event. Based on the "cloud", it integrates multi-party business data and makes full use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Drive the digital transformation of the business.

Based on years of service experience in the field of government affairs, ChinaSoft International has launched smart government affairs capabilities, and promoted the informatization of government departments in terms of technology, data, functions, and management to achieve "big platform, big data, and big system" in order to further enhance the government information resources of government departments. Sharing, infrastructure construction and sharing, and implementing the requirements of "allowing more data to run and the masses less running errands". ChinaSoft International integrates new generation information technologies such as 5G, big data, and cloud platforms to launch a nationwide integrated online government service capability. Committed to promoting the interconnection of government information, realizing data sharing between departments, speeding up the construction of digital government, breaking data barriers, eliminating information "islands", and making government services more convenient and efficient.

In terms of transportation, based on the IT and infrastructure construction capabilities of my country's transportation industry, the development of digital intelligence has become an important topic for the current transportation regulatory authorities. Chinasoft International has summarized the issues that need to be further strengthened in the construction of information technology and platform among different transportation modes. Through the aggregation and integration of data, Chinasoft International realizes data interconnection, improves overall traffic control and business capabilities, and further strengthens the overall planning and coordination of transportation A safe and reliable integrated transportation system.

In terms of 5G digital factories, the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional manufacturing factories is an important part of 5GtoB capabilities and is also the business focus of Chinasoft International. Relying on years of practical experience in the digital transformation of enterprises, based on cloud computing, AI, and Internet of Things technologies, we will unite with ecological partners to realize the intelligentization of enterprise factories, enable business innovation, improve operational efficiency, and lead to a simple experience. Build a comprehensive interconnection and perception system of "people", "things" and "environment" through the Internet of Things and mobile Internet, and use the core values ??of cloud computing and big data to build large-scale and comprehensive ecological services to open up the value of enterprise production and manufacturing. The whole chain realizes vertical and horizontal manufacturing synergy, and responds quickly to industry changes.

At this Shanghai City Expo, ChinaSoft International and outstanding companies in the global information technology industry discussed the new development and new opportunities brought by the digital economy, and contributed to the realization of the construction of Digital China. At the same time, ChinaSoft International demonstrated 5G+ digital intelligence capabilities through the industry's outstanding achievements, providing various customers with high-quality solutions to solve the digital intelligence transformation of smart cities, and creating a deep integration of digital applications, urban construction, and urban life.