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Promote the construction of digital China, empower digital and intelligent transformation and development | Chinasoft International will be unveiled at Shanghai City Expo,



From October 29th to 31st, 2021, the Shanghai City Expo with the theme of "improving the community and the quality of the city" will be held in Shanghai. The conference focused on urban planning, construction, operation management, technological innovation, industrial chain cooperation, and other aspects. At the same time, it combined smart terminals and big data analysis, focused on community management after the epidemic, and discussed the development of smart and healthy communities in the post-epidemic era. Construction and development.

As an excellent global software and information technology service company in the industry, ChinaSoft International will bring multiple solutions including smart cities, smart transportation, government big data, digital factories, etc. to this exhibition, fully demonstrating ChinaSoft International’s political confrontation Thinking and assistance for the intelligent transformation of enterprises and digital.

Build an international smart city, let the city become a thinker.
Since entering the 21st century, China’s modernization process has been accelerating, and the degree of industrialization and urbanization has continued to increase. At the same time, driven by a new generation of information technology represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, the construction of smart cities Become an effective means to promote the modernization of China's urban governance capabilities.

In order to comply with the development requirements of the times and the country, based on 5G technology, ChinaSoft International proposes to "create advanced smart cities with efficient solutions", and relies on its own advanced IT architecture to coordinate the Internet of Things, big data, video, integrated communications, and time and space. Various technologies such as information services and artificial intelligence integrate operating data in various fields of the city to build an integrated, intelligent, and visual display platform.

ChinaSoft International regards buildings, blocks, communities, and parks as the foothold and important entry point for the construction of new smart cities in the 5G era. In the 5G+ smart city solution, ChinaSoft International proposes to integrate 5G capabilities to help the sinking of smart city capabilities, with the goal of promoting new smart cities, creating city and community-level digital shared services, and forming a new generation of "urban brains" Smart city command center.

Transform a leading company in digital intelligence, let the company become a runner.
The current development of the digital economy is not only about technological changes, but also about changes in production relations and business models. The demand model of enterprise customers is shifting from a single product model to an aggregated capability of "platform + application + service". After the transformation of traditional data centers to cloud-based data centers, the focus of enterprise users' needs has shifted from cloud platforms to cloud applications. Enterprises also hope to achieve cloudification and end-to-end business capabilities, and hope to improve management efficiency through comprehensive cloudification and maintain continuous business innovation and development.

Through in-depth research on China's traditional industrial scenes, ChinaSoft International has proposed a set of core solutions for the transformation of enterprises' digital intelligence-data cloudification, precision decision-making, and platform sharing.

The core of the solution is to use 5G high-frequency and secure transmission to achieve enterprise data intercommunication; use powerful cloud computing power to achieve accurate access to rapid enterprise decision-making; use big data to implement a customized data sharing and collaboration platform. At the same time, according to the different needs of enterprises, special changes are made to create exclusive customized solutions to fully realize digital management, smart operation and process business, thereby realizing the business cycle and helping enterprises to carry out "user-centric" digital transformation Service, truly empower and increase intelligence for the development of the industry!

Promote smart national government affairs and let the government become a leader.
How to make the government affairs system achieve an intelligent leap based on the traditional electronic system, improve the national governance system supported by science and technology, and truly benefit the people, is the original intention of ChinaSoft International and the government to create 5G+ smart government affairs. Based on this thinking and research, combined with the relevant national policies for the construction of the "Internet + government service" system, ChinaSoft International has launched a national integrated online government service solution.

Data cloud sharing, information resource sharing, and infrastructure co-construction and sharing are the core of the system, which solves a series of problems that people have encountered in the process of doing things because of the non-interoperability of data and the non-sharing of resources.

The establishment of ChinaSoft International's smart government affairs system uses cloud platform big data technology to build an integrated government service application platform to empower one network to handle government affairs that benefit the people, including medical security and public services. Provide people with an intelligent service portal that integrates functions such as precise search, intelligent feedback, targeted push, elderly services, and thousands of people, and realizes a unified entrance to the service window, multi-terminal synchronization, one network integration, data homology, and one account. To make government affairs open and digitized and convenient, to truly realize the harmonious government affairs model that exchanges opinions between the people and the government and enhances the ability of social governance.

Build intelligent public transportation, let the people be the beneficiaries.
As the most important part of a city, the traffic situation represents the development degree and level of a city. The construction of a smart transportation system has become an important part of the city's service and construction.

Based on this, Chinasoft International uses 5G as an access method, and adds emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, providing applications that connect ports, railways, urban rail transit, highways, airports, etc. One-stop solution for scenarios. The platform provides “cloud-side-to-end” full-stack, end-to-end services, combined with ITO/BPO and other technical services, to build a panoramic ecosystem, and ultimately empower China’s transportation industry from the traditional extensive and manpower-based The management model of the company has changed to a multi-dimensional management model of digital intelligence, sharing, and platform.

ChinaSoft International actively responds to China's digital governance strategy deployment, promotes the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and the real economy at full speed, and fully cooperates with the country to build an independent and controllable modern information technology system to ensure the great call of high-quality development of the digital economy. Continuous hard work in the field of information technology, forge ahead, and strive to make more innovative contributions to promote the integration and development of China's real economy and digital economy.

October 29-31, H1B017, Hall One , Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
ChinaSoft International's booth is looking forward to your visit.