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Enabling the supply side with "platform + service" and reconstructing the new ecological pattern|Speech by Chen Yuhong, Chairman of ChinaSoft International at the 2021 Business Innovation Conference.



Witnessing the power of business innovation and building a new digital ecological future, UFIDA 2021 Business Innovation Conference was successfully held recently. As a diamond-level partner of the UFIDA ecosystem, Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of ChinaSoft International, was invited to give a keynote speech on "Enable the Supply Side with "Platform + Service" and Reconstruct the New Ecological Pattern".

After 30 years of development, China's software industry has grown to a trillion-dollar market, and leading companies have played an important guiding role. Among them, it can be divided into product companies and service companies. UFIDA is a typical product company with strong ability to quickly reach the market. For example, after the launch of YonBIP, it has gathered tens of thousands of large and medium-sized customers in a short period of time. ChinaSoft International is a typical service company with a high degree of customer concentration, mainly focusing on deep cultivation of large customers, with deep accumulation of lean soft engineering capabilities and leading industry knowledge accumulation.

The trillion-dollar market is open to hundreds of rivers. ChinaSoft International and UFIDA both have the ideal of achieving the goal of 100 billion yuan, and they also have the long-cherished wish for supply-side reform-leading the "product platform + professional services" of domestic software and digital intelligence applications to scale and achieve marginal utility Significant improvement, fully opening up the market space for China's digital transformation. The main bottleneck of the current market development is delivery. A large number of customized development rather than configuration shows that the product's understanding of industry customers, insights into production relationships, abstraction of common characteristics of applications, and configurable parameter design to adapt to individual needs are not strong enough. , This is the challenge we face together. How to achieve scale? The main approach is code reuse, which specifically includes two methods: "using code to reuse code" and "using people to reuse code". "Reuse code with code" means service productization, feed back personalized customized solutions to products, realize full functional abstraction and in-depth adaptation of products in multiple subdivisions, and achieve "national application"; "reuse code with people" means product Servicing, through experienced consultants and implementation teams, to promote low-cost and efficient rapid "configurable" delivery.

As explained by the cooperation between Chinasoft International and UFIDA, ChinaSoft International has established a service "enable" center for the UFIDA platform. The underlying core platform is the production relationship platform. The purpose is to break through the boundaries of capabilities, digest demand and precipitate the products and organizational capabilities that are transformed into a cooperative combination of both parties, using two large-scale methods-product service and service productization, on the platform Realize two handshake. In the past, UFIDA mainly implemented the original factory. These two handshakes were completed within UFIDA, which can effectively manage the key control points and risk points of implementation and delivery. However, in the future, the transition to an ecological cooperation model of "product platform + professional services" will require large-scale cooperation through a service collaboration platform. For example, UFIDA's integrated industry management products have reached a very wide range of markets and can be called national applications. They can first adapt to Chinasoft International's Digital-CSI digital transformation, open up the closed loop of backfeeding to form joint innovation, and then integrate digital transformation services to jointly expand to the goal. Industry markets and customers.

The demand for the digital transformation market is very large, and the response speed is very fast. It cannot be accomplished by a single company alone. It must be achieved through ecosystem support. Relying on the product servicization and service productization of the production relationship platform to promote the integration of various partners and roles in the ecosystem, to include professional services, ISVs and technology platform partners, and integrate the implementation of services, operation and maintenance after the product stage, and turn them into One, to promote the increase in the proportion of configuration, and the decrease in the proportion of customization. At present, this situation has begun to take shape.

The service productization of ChinaSoft International has yet to mature. In the past ten years, we have cooperated with important customers such as Huawei. Nearly 90,000 employees develop tens of millions of lines of code every year, which fully accumulates software engineering capabilities. We have also made many useful attempts and explorations in the field of customer-side custom development of enterprise applications. When the granularity of the project reaches a certain scale, a small closed loop is formed by recycling products. Now we will work with UFIDA to make this closed loop bigger, and to do a more extensive and in-depth docking of software engineering capabilities and product matrix, and to reach the final customer with one heart.

Today's market is still dominated by a large number of customized developments. This may be related to the pursuit of self-innovation and characteristic management by Chinese companies, and they are not willing to copy the mature and universal experience of the industry. In view of the characteristics of the domestic market, it is necessary to consider how to realize the scale of customized development capabilities, standardize and standardize the services of all parties in the ecosystem, and enable them to a higher level. 80% of ISVs in China have less than 50 people. Small and micro teams rely on unique industry resources and experience and ability accumulation, and they can also play a great value. They must also cooperate with large professional service companies through platforms. Large companies are willing to subdivide. The field market has extensive cooperation with professional small and micro teams or experts, which is also the logic of the industrial Internet business model and ecological cooperation platform of Chinasoft International Jiefang.

ChinaSoft International was established more than ten years later than UFIDA. It started with IT products at first and then turned to services. Since its establishment, it has maintained a compound annual growth rate of 30%. The development path of software service companies usually starts from "people + projects" and extends upward to the experience output of "tool set + methodology", such as software factories, and then provide services on the partner platform, which is where Chinasoft International is currently located. At this stage, this is an important traction for us to move towards 100 billion, and it is also the original intention of cooperating with product companies.

As a R&D service provider for companies such as Huawei, we have continued to become a strategic supplier and strategic partner from an ordinary supplier, and implement the FFW (for, from, with) strategy. ChinaSoft International looks forward to in-depth strategic cooperation along the same path with UFIDA, and together on a digital journey, enabling the supply side with "platform + service", reconstructing the new ecological pattern, and becoming a very valuable piece of the map of the great motherland. One of the brands!

At the meeting, Ms. Cao Yan, senior vice president of Chinasoft International and president of the Technology and Professional Services Group, signed a professional service strategic cooperation agreement with UFIDA on behalf of the company.

In the current era, the three waves of digitalization, localization, and globalization have created huge market space and industrial development opportunities. In this context, China's toB Internet or enterprise service industry also has the soil to grow into the world's leading providers and service providers. As the two leading companies in the domestic software industry, ChinaSoft International will work with UFIDA to deepen strategic cooperation and create a win-win model of "big platform + big service", stimulating business innovation, opening up a path for industrial scale development, and staying in the digital age. Tens of millions of Chinese companies provide the engine of change to help China's digital economy and digital society lead the world.