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Chinasoft International Chen Yuhong: Take advantage of the auspicious clouds to climb the digital peak.



On October 15th, the first ChinaSoft International Cloud Service Conference kicked off. ChinaSoft International held its first industry-level technology event in more than 20 years since its establishment. Authoritative experts, innovative elites and industry colleagues gathered in the cloud, under the theme of "Symbiosis on the Cloud, Intelligently Leading the Future", In-depth discussion on how to use the power on the cloud to inject new momentum into the development of the digital economy and create a new digital future together. Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of Chinasoft International, delivered a keynote speech on "Climbing the Cloud and Climbing the Peak" at the meeting.

ChinaSoft International's next ten years - The global IT service market is "extremely one in the world".
Established in 2000, ChinaSoft International takes advantage of the great development of China's informatization and continues to build its own high-quality software service capabilities, deepening the four major fields of banking, telecommunications, government and manufacturing. In the first ten years of development, ChinaSoft International participated in the six major national key projects-the "Twelve Gold" projects, and ranked among the IAOP top 100 global outsourcing companies; in the second ten years of development, it was established in 2012 with Huawei As a turning point, the joint venture ushered in the rapid development of the company. In 2017, we became the first partner of Huawei Cloud to help each other in the same boat and won the first comprehensive performance of Huawei Cloud Ecosystem in the country, achieving explosive growth of 20 times in four years.
In 2021, we will actively participate in Huawei’s long march of technological innovation of “pierce the sky and take root down”, firmly work with Huawei to build the Hongmeng ecology, and strive to become the main force of the open source Hongmeng, and then achieve the goal of becoming a service company. The transformation of an innovative company based on “root technology”; it is under the correct strategic guidance that ChinaSoft International has exceeded 10 billion in revenue for four consecutive years, and has been ranked among the TOP100 in Gartner's "IT Service Market Share Ranking" published by Gartner for three consecutive years, and achieved a ranking promotion.

With the advent of the global digital transformation wave, the IT service market is booming. ChinaSoft International insists on serving government and corporate customers, helping China's digital transformation, and helping China's digital society and digital economy to lead the world. We look forward to becoming one of the most valuable brands in the territory of the great motherland. We not only need to consolidate our basic business and build the first brand in China’s software outsourcing industry; we must also become the digital transformation of the government and enterprise industries in the wave of digitization. The preferred solution provider and the preferred consultant for digital transformation. We strive to become a TOP10 player in the IT service market in the next 10 years, and achieve "one of the best in the world".

Seize the opportunity of cloud and smart transformation - Become a leader in global cloud services.
In the wave of digital transformation, ChinaSoft International actively promotes strategic transformation and builds a quality, valuable and meaningful development matrix:
- Consolidate the cornerstone business as the number one growth curve, and ensure that the company is absolutely leading in the industrial ecology, becoming quality and cost The best service provider;
- determine the cloud smart business as the second growth curve to ensure 100% business growth every year;
- develop Jiefang, Hongmeng and smart cars as the third growth curve, explore opportunities for long-term growth in the future, and finally Successfully transformed into a cloud intelligent service company.

In addition, ChinaSoft International’s business curve construction is inseparable from Huawei’s strategic follow-up.
- The Kunpeng Lingyun project,
- openGauss open source project,
- HarmonyOS ecological project.

All basic technology-oriented fields will be an important direction for ChinaSoft International and Huawei to jointly build. ChinaSoft International is firm, resolute, and persistent to come together with Huawei and become an outstanding member of Huawei's "New Long March for Innovation and Technology" team.

ChinaSoft International has seized the opportunity of cloud and intelligent transformation, and has achieved a leading position in the field of cloud management services and professional services. According to the data released by IDC "China's Third-Party Cloud Management Service Market Share Report, 2020", Chinasoft International ranked second with a market share of 6.8%, and its market size increased by 40.1% year-on-year, ranking first among all vendors in terms of growth rate. Strong service capabilities and growth vitality have been recognized by the market;
in IDC "China Cloud Professional Service Market Tracking (2020H2)", the report shows that the market share of Chinasoft International's cloud service business in the second half of 2020 increased by 60.6% year-on-year, of which Chinasoft International Cloud Migration Service Both business and cloud development service business ranked TOP 1 in market share.

The company continues to strengthen its own innovation capabilities and leads the development of the third-generation software platform, namely Smart Solution as a Service, focusing on providing customers with multi-cloud, hybrid, edge and other cross-cloud and cloud-side products and services. Through industrial Internet platform + cloud professional services to do a good job in industrial interconnection, through enterprise cloud software + enterprise application service EAS to build an innovative ecosystem and a series of combinations such as using experience as a service, so that excellence can be copied, and learning from Huawei's excellent experience to develop its own business , I hope that in the near future, ChinaSoft International will become one of the global cloud service leaders.

Co-build digital "new infrastructure" - Empowering the development of the digital economy.
On the road to becoming an excellent global service provider, ChinaSoft International has established two connections in the cloud business chain:
- One is the connection between cloud vendors. ChinaSoft International builds a bridge between cloud vendors and customers to achieve technology Connection with business.
- The second is the connection with customers. ChinaSoft International builds a bridge between requirements and solutions to realize the connection between scenarios and ecology. At present, the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers has entered the deep water zone. It needs to cover the entire life cycle from planning to operation, and be able to understand the customer’s main business (such as research and development, production, sales), support business (commercial law, procurement, quality operation), Enabling business (process IT) and other end-to-end needs, how to deal with these complex needs? Chen Yuhong emphasized: It is inseparable from the support of ecological partners.
- Taking connection as the core,
- platform service as the core,
- and operation as the core are important topics of the new digital infrastructure and the foothold of this cloud service conference. As an intermediate connection, ChinaSoft International fully understands customer scenarios and needs, integrates the capabilities of ecological partners, and jointly provides customers with complete solutions. Chinasoft International provides a self-developed service platform to support the implementation of two connections, covering the entire life cycle of cloud procurement, combined delivery, cloud management, and continuous operation. At the same time, based on its self-developed service platform, ChinaSoft International gathers ecological partners to jointly serve government and corporate customers. Currently, ChinaSoft International has more than 3.000 ecological partners, and it is expected to exceed 10.000 next year.

With the proposal of the new infrastructure strategy, our country has entered a new stage of development, and the new digital infrastructure will become an important weapon for our cooperation and competition facing the world. At present, ChinaSoft International has reached cooperation with cloud vendors such as Huawei Cloud, Tianyi Cloud, Mobile Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Volcano Engine, etc.; it has teamed up with partners such as Kingdee, UFIDA, and Anheng to provide customers with overall solutions for digital transformation and jointly innovate with customers.
In the third decade in the future, ChinaSoft International will follow the development context of digital governance, digital industrialization, industrial digitization to data value, and join hands with customers and partners to empower new infrastructure and become a new force in the development of the "four modernizations" of the digital economy. Empowering the development of the digital economy. ChinaSoft International looks forward to being an ecological partner serving China's cloud to the world, and becoming a very valuable brand in the territory of the great motherland, riding on the momentum of the cloud, and reaching new heights!