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Li Daokui, Tsinghua University: The rise of the fourth industry, digitalization has become a major strategic opportunity for Chinese companies.



The wave of digitalization is surging. Facing the century-old changes in the technology industry system in the world, seizing the new track of the digital economy and embracing the "new blue ocean" of the digital economy are important strategic choices for the transformation of modern enterprises. In this year's National Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, it is pointed out that it is necessary to comply with the new requirements of the digital age and accelerate the reform and innovation of the macroeconomic governance system.

At the ChinaSoft International Cloud Service Conference held on October 15th, Li Daokui, Dean of the Institute of Chinese Economic Thought and Practice of Tsinghua University, gave a keynote speech on "Digital Economy:
- Major Strategic Opportunities for Chinese Enterprises in the New Era", which deeply explained the current macro.
- The three major changes in the environmental and economic situation and
- the three major strategic development opportunities brought to Chinese companies.

Li Daokui advises entrepreneurs to pay attention to the three major trends in the macro environment:
The first major trend is the long-term deep game of Sino-US relations. As two world powers, China and the United States will continue to cooperate in certain areas, but competition in economic and technological fields will continue to intensify. Behind the Sino-US game is the competition of national industrial competitiveness, which will have a direct impact on the development of enterprises. In the future, the state will support enterprises in exploring technological innovation in high-tech industries and promote independent and controllable upgrades.

The second major trend is the influence of the concept of governance. The development concept proposed by the country or some policies issued by the country will directly affect the strategic decision-making of enterprises. At present, the ruling philosophy of the country is to serve the people, not forget the original intention, and follow the path of common prosperity and development. Enterprises must also pay attention to order in their development, and their decision-making must focus on the development of the enterprise under the ruling concept of the party and the government.

The third major trend is the rise of the fourth industry. The fourth industry is separated from the tertiary industry and is an industry that solves people's needs for information, including information processing and the promotion of intelligence, that is, the information service industry, that is, the digital economy. Li Daokui believes that China's economic upgrading in the future must be closely integrated with the global economy and exert efforts in the fourth industry. Chinese enterprises should seize the huge opportunities brought by the rise of the fourth industry.

How to respond to the changes in the three macro trends, Li Daokui suggests that Chinese companies pay attention to three major strategic opportunities in the new era:
First of all, focus on the vertical segmentation field and be the "vanguard" mastering key core technologies. Because of environmental impacts such as the Sino-US game, in high-precision special fields, or key parts and other fine fields, domestic substitution has become an inevitable way for China's industrial chain to be independent and controllable. Companies that can proactively conquer core technologies can definitely make a difference in the Chinese market.

Second, seize the opportunity of digital transformation to inject "new momentum" into traditional industries. At present, the fourth industry has penetrated into all aspects of human activities, whether it is eating, online shopping, or traveling, the development of enterprises needs to follow the development of the digital society and carry out industrial upgrades. This upgrade requires a series of professional companies that provide information services. China's scientific and technological forces represented by Chinasoft International will surely achieve long-term development.

Finally, platform companies that provide digital infrastructure will emerge. The rise of the fourth industry will have a large number of new infrastructure needs, such as focusing on cloud services, data management and other needs. In this process, a group of information infrastructure builders and service platforms will emerge, which is a huge development opportunity for many companies.

The game of Sino-US relations, how to deal with the challenges of the post-epidemic era, and the advent of the digital economy will all urge new opportunities, new forms, and new models for the development of the production industry. Seizing the challenges and opportunities brought by the digital economy will bring new opportunities for enterprises. Li Daokui suggested that the development of enterprises should have a sense of change, rationally analyze environmental changes, and seize the opportunities brought by environmental trends. They will surely take the lead in the era of digital economy.