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"Symbiosis on the Cloud Leads the Future" The first Chinasoft International Cloud Service Conference focuses on hot topics.


October 15, 2021 17:55 Press Scroll

On October 15th, the first Chinasoft International Cloud Service Conference with the theme of "Symbiosis on the Cloud Leading the Future" was successfully held. This is the first large-scale technology event held by Chinasoft International since its establishment more than 20 years ago. ChinaSoft International invites experts in the fields of economy and technology, strategic partners such as Huawei, and more than 2,000 customers to discuss hot topics such as digital economy development opportunities and enterprise digital transformation, aiming to jointly expand value on the cloud and create a new future for the digital industry.

Take advantage of the auspicious clouds to climb the digital peak.

Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of Chinasoft International

In order to seize the opportunity of cloud and intelligent industrialization transformation, ChinaSoft International has carried out a series of strategic transformations and constructed three growth curves including
- "Cornerstone Business,
- Cloud Intelligent Business and
- Emerging Business",
forming a quality, valuable and meaningful , The development matrix of symbiosis and promotion.

At the same time, as the first partner of Huawei Cloud to help each other in the same boat, continue to cooperate with Huawei strategically and be an excellent member of Huawei's "New Long March for Innovative Technology" team.
ChinaSoft International will do a good job in the connection between cloud vendors and customers, using the cloud as the base, work hand in hand with partners, serve customers, and take advantage of the auspicious clouds with customers and partners to climb the digital peak again.

Senior Vice President of Huawei, CEO of Huawei Cloud, and President of Consumer Cloud Services Zhang Pingan shared the theme of " Deep into digitalization and work together for the future" . Since 2017, ChinaSoft International and Huawei Cloud have been in the same boat for four years and are determined Under the strategic investment of ChinaSoft International, through its in-depth understanding of customers, Huawei Cloud has been introduced into the digital transformation process of enterprises to continue to create value for customers. ChinaSoft International has always been among the best in Huawei Cloud sales and has contributed a very important force to the development of Huawei Cloud. It is HUAWEI CLOUD's goal to deepen digitalization and realize "everything is a service". HUAWEI CLOUD hopes to work with Chinasoft International to accelerate the digitalization of China's industries, accelerate the process of "everything is a service", and work together to help the future.

The game of international relations, the response to the challenges of the post-epidemic era, and the development of the digital economy will all urge new opportunities, new forms, and new models for the development of the production industry. Li Daokui, Dean of the Institute of Chinese Economic Thought and Practice at Tsinghua University, believes that “ digitalization of the fourth industry has become a major strategic opportunity for Chinese companies”.
He analyzed the recent macro-environment and policy changes, as well as the major opportunities facing Chinese companies in the new era. Li Daokui believes that the information service industry will grow into a "fourth industry" and drive the re-upgrading of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Seizing the challenges and opportunities brought by the digital economy will bring new opportunities for enterprises. The development of enterprises should have a sense of change, rationally analyze environmental changes, and seize the opportunities brought by environmental trends, and they will surely take the lead in the era of digital economy.

Meet the third wave of the industry and create a future on the cloud with "products + services" driven.
At this conference, ChinaSoft International also showed its strength and confidence to lead the government and enterprise cloud service market. Sun Jiawei, senior vice president of Chinasoft International and president of the Cloud Intelligence Business Group, said that the cloud industry is ushering in the third wave, and "no cloud, no strategy" has become an industry consensus. ChinaSoft International and its client partners jointly innovate to provide three major cloud platform products and cloud management services, covering the entire chain of "cloud, cloud management, and cloud innovation". In order to match Chinasoft International's long-term strategic goals, the cloud service brand CloudEasy has been fully upgraded to provide "full stack" cloud service products and solutions for government and enterprise customers, and become a leading brand in the cloud service market.

In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises to actively embrace the innovative opportunities brought by the digital wave, Chinasoft International's online cloud service "China Cloud Network" announced its official commercial use on October 15th. The basic cloud management functions including 70+ functional modules will also be permanently free and comprehensively reduced. The cost and threshold of cloud use for enterprises accelerate the process of cloud transformation.

Chinasoft International and IDC conducted in-depth research on the breakthrough of digital transformation and released the white paper "Multi-cloud Operation Service Provider". It comprehensively explains the challenges faced by enterprises in the digital age, as well as the role positioning and value of multi-cloud operation service providers, and then defines the capability standards of multi-cloud operation service providers, and provides enterprises with reference for selection, so that multi-cloud operators and enterprises can work together to win in the future.

ChinaSoft International and the Institute of Information and Communications Technology jointly released the "New IT Governance Service System" white paper, which provides comprehensive guidance for enterprises to build a new IT governance structure. Yang Lingling, Director of the Governance and Audit Department of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Institute of Big Data, mentioned that “new IT governance focuses on the realization of corporate value, making decisions and management for the effective allocation of IT resources, and realizing the improvement of IT productivity and the maximization of value.”

All-round "friend circle lineup" talks about the best practices of digital transformation and the fruits of cooperation.
At this cloud service conference, Chinasoft International invited customers and partners from all walks of life to participate in depth, sharing the results of cooperation with Chinasoft International and digital transformation practices.

Guizhou on the Cloud:
A New Starting Point in the Era of Government Cloud 3.0
Guizhou on the Cloud and ChinaSoft International have in-depth cooperation, leveraging ChinaSoft International’s deep accumulation in cloud management, cloud operation and cloud native, and taking the lead in building a hybrid cloud computing resource scheduling platform based on the Xinchuang architecture, and jointly exploring and building the government cloud 3.0 era The new benchmark.

Zhangjiagang Smart City:
Building a new smart city construction model.

Zhangjiagang actively improves the level of urban development by empowering the city with smart capabilities, and has established a new digital transformation model with urban digital platforms as common support and capabilities. ChinaSoft International provides solid technical support for the construction of the smart city nerve center-digital platform and smart brain applications.

MCC Baosteel:
A successful practice of digital transformation in traditional industries.

As a pillar industry of the national economy, the steel industry is to develop from a big steel country to a strong steel country, and transformation and upgrading are particularly important. MCC Baosteel and ChinaSoft International have in-depth cooperation to realize the visualization, manageability and control of data assets, and complete the intelligent operation and maintenance upgrade, which is a successful practice of the digital transformation of traditional industries.

United Blue Ocean:
United Chinasoft International to build an industrial Internet intelligent cloud platform.

United Blue Ocean uses Huawei cloud technology as the base and Chinasoft International applications as the support to form a strategic cooperation "iron triangle", data-driven manufacturing, and jointly build an industrial Internet intelligent cloud platform to achieve full coverage of horizontal industries and full vertical processes.

Wofeng Technology:
Joining hands with Chinasoft International to lead intelligent customer experience management.

Wofeng Technology cooperates with Chinasoft International to create a full-process SaaS business for marketing services, providing enterprises with one-stop solutions for marketing management, sales process management, service delivery management and customer service management, and also provides a reliable guarantee for the use of AI to achieve intelligent service upgrades.

Facing the future, ChinaSoft International will continue to stand firm on the rise of China's digital economy, based on the ecological concept of "building a cloud ecosystem together, and a win-win future on the cloud", and continue to do a good job in connecting cloud vendors and customers, using the cloud as the foundation, Fully understand the customer’s scenarios and needs, and work with partners to help China's digital transformation, and promote the construction of a digital society and digital economy to lead the world.