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Tuesday, 01/30/2007 7:21:59 PM

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 7:21:59 PM

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Hey, listen up here!!. I've been trading this stock from the second month it became available. A friend was doing pretty good when they were in the 2,3, 4, dollar pump range. I was averaged in around .84 and bailed on most of my position at .45.

I've done a tone of DD on this copmpany. I've talked to Keith Jones " Vice President", several times. I even talked to Buddy with century 21 down in Florida around the time they recieved there first 10 units.

I've tracked down some history on our good friend Lev Parnas, "President" and his former shell company Dairene International. I've even spent time with Datawind out of canada.

I can tell you Lev Parnas and Dairene International booked over one million dollars in losses and only had less then 100k in revenue throughout the life of the company before they spun it off into Edgetech International. I recieved information about them from court documents where a plaintiffs attroneys were trying to track money that was filterd from a diffferent scam to Dairene.

If you would like to see the docs I'm talking about I'll post them. My final thoughts are as follows. The comapny is a scam. They have a great story but its just that, a story. These guys are jokers big time. Take a look at this link>>

I posted this link a while back and everyone ignored it. Notice that the two photos have the same tie on. The bags they have over there heads makes a guy wonder. I was told by Keith back in December that the firm that created the web site took the money and ran. I was also told that it would be taken care of immediatly, that was the first week in December.

When I accidently ran across the site I posted above I called Keith and left him a message about the bags. He didn't return my call. I know they have added to the site because after the CES they added a second page of photos. You would think that they would have at least gotten rid of the bags!! lol

Lev Parnas is a former stock broker and knows what the hell he's doing here. If you can get out do it. They may pump this baby again but its all smoke and mirrors. So you're playing with fire!!