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Mag batteries yunhai q&a

A few days ago, some netizens asked: How many Dong companies can account for in the US battery market in the future? Secrets of Guigong Magnesium Battery. Research and sales as a whole? Answer: Magnesium batteries are not enough, thank you company. We will work with universities to study magnesium hydrogen storage materials. I would like to ask whether the current non-mass production of magnesium batteries means that Yunhai Metal's company has not mass-produced, or does it mean that there is no enterprise mass-produced at present? Magnesium batteries and magnesium hydrogen storage materials should have two concepts of glass, right? I feel that the previous answers are mixed up. Can you tell me more about the company's research results, scope, and direction in detail? If you keep it secret, you can understand it. thank you very much! ! !
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Advantages of magnesium batteries: 1) It is the world's largest producer of primary magnesium, accounting for 70% of the global market. As a global source of primary magnesium and magnesium, China's primary magnesium battery has the advantages of sufficient competition, price and international market; 2) The melting point of magnesium is as high as about 650, so it is safer; 3) Magnesium branches will not appear during the charging and discharging cycle of magnesium batteries Crystal, the key to a more secure stage is to find a suitable current solution and energy. Enabling the rapid transmission and storage of magnesium 2+ will be the key to obtaining high-power magnesium batteries. With the development of hydrogen energy, hydrogen storage materials for magnesium-based batteries can also play a role. It has excellent hydrogen absorption and desorption performance, which can achieve great capacity consolidation. Hydrogen storage, long-distance transportation at room temperature and pressure.
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