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Re: gitreal post# 14374

Friday, 08/13/2021 1:46:03 AM

Friday, August 13, 2021 1:46:03 AM

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100% SCAM. Agree totally. Adding to my previous sticky and bringing it all current.//

WSRC's idiotic video they posted on Twitter claims the Sage Hen property has 182 BILLION dollars in gold value. The entire state of Nevada produces maybe 5 million ounces a year in gold (less than $10 billion in gross gold production a year). In their entire history, since the early 1800's, Nevada has produced about $380 billion in gold converted into today's gold price.

WSRC expects investors to believe that this unclaimed, unproven, and previously worthless prospect holds 20 times the annual gold production of the whole state of Nevada? More than half the entire historical production of the State of Nevada???

WSRC, a non-disclosing, unaudited OTC company with a long, dirty history of running shady mine promotions, and with just a few hundred bucks in their accounts......owns this gold "deposit"? Whose major shareholder, Don Jenkins, is a convicted securities fraudster?

C'mon. This is pure fraud! These guys need to answer to the Feds for this kind of stuff.

Re: Wind_Storm post# 14226

Excellent post, sir. Adding to it and stickying the new post, for relevance and proof that WSRC is a blatant scam.


ALL of the Sage Hen claims in Nevada that WSRC says SSMG purchased from the owners are CLOSED. The above link connects to the current public record of the Bureau of Land Management-BLM. In the list of claims on the BLM site there are 39 claims total for the state by the name of Sage Hen #xxx that are placer claims. That means anyone can reopen them by filing a new claim. No one presently owns them or has lease rights to them.

Is this legit for WSRC and SSMG to do? Logically, the answer is no.

WSRC claims (pun intended) to have a 70% stake in SSMG which would give them access to these claims for company purposes. According to this information SSMG bought claims that are CLOSED and not owned by anyone. In other words the PR is not truthful. All BS, imo.

This information is fresh as of today. I think WSRC is lying in their PR. The video they published should have been for the ACTIVE claims they have legitimate access to. Where did they film the video location? On CLOSED mining claims?

I leave this information here for your indigestion. I am not happy with this discovery. Neither should you be.*

P.S. I setup an account with the BLM mine and research locator to get this information. You have to do the same.

To answer two of your questions, the video was clearly not filmed by the company or SSMG, and was not on their claims, which are not active, and, more importantly, have not been permitted (which they admitted)

Adding this from my previous sticky, as it remains relevant and pertinent.

Buyer, Beware...
A geologist friend, emailed me this:

Holy crap, 840% gain…

Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. And only detected by “enhanced recovery system assays”. There is no such thing…

$3.2B in annual revenue from a 1,100 ton/day plant. That’s $8.7M/day from 1,100 tons. That’s $7,970/ton. So, in gold equivalent, that would be 4.5 oz/ton ore. Sure…. And in Newmont’s backyard. This is not Carlin or BM trend, but Newmont’s got expln claims all over the area.

And why build a 100tpd mill if you’re planning to “immediately” scale up to 1,100tpd? That’s just dumb…

You know, if they’re talking huge revenue like that and there’s no quantities stated (tons, grade, drill defined?), it’s a sham….

And, there's more:


Don Jenkins 5% Owner Prescott, Arizona 50,000,000 14.3%

So, a sleaze ball geologist and a sleazy scam wannabe gold miner. Perfect....