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Monday, 05/17/2021 9:22:36 PM

Monday, May 17, 2021 9:22:36 PM

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10Q Review.

First, our troller is not being honest. Staying true to his form. Everybody that listened to him lost money. I know I for one made good money buying HLIX and selling higher at .20 and then .30. And every long that ignored him came out great at today's price. I should have never sold and been off better. And we never could get any corroborating time-stamps from you. Only thing on the record was shorting for losses and never covering on the record.

Whew. Now time for facts. They start with $12M, just what they said would happen. End the quarter with $10M cash. Then later in April, they do a PIPE deal for another $12M, which means they have about $20M in cash now even though that cash probably hasn't hit their coffers just yet but maybe it has. That's the good thing about PIPE's. Fast cash.

That's like KERN's war chest that they had when we were getting fleeced by predatory lenders. In my view. The BOD and accredited investors put up that money. So, the stock does look expensive to me. But very, very foggy also. A lot more than KERN. However, I love the vested interests and so I'm not worried.

So, we are EXPENSIVE with vested interests. To be fair. And that revenue is meaningless because it's not a full quarter. It's an increase to FORA, not HLIX, which I don't even know. That's just a fog to me on a skim.

BUT, have an excellent current ratio of 5. Thanks to all that cash. I could be unorthodox and throw in long term liabilities into that denominator and come out with a ratio of 3, which would still be excellent.

Then we have a nice professional conference call that got typed up fast. Meanwhile, I have a company called NROM that types up its conference call one every 3 years if you're lucky.

Talking in technical tongues, but at least HLIX understands that language. And we have a Gerard Heymann from RBC that asks questions. A professional. Unlike when Mr... Ahem -- the one I'm responding to, showed up to act up.

That would be this man here:

Intersting is all. Hopefully, confused analyst Alan doesn't come to our future conferences with his passive aggressive nonsense. HOpefully he stays far, far away and bothers Jessica and company at Kern instead.

I have a hunch lots of noise is going to come once all the dust settles here. As I said, I'm ready for show. With all that cash and now on Nasdaq, they can start moving aggressively like KERN I think. And maybe, just maybe, it can become a marginable stock and have an options market on it not too far off into the future. :)

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