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ChinaSoft International's financial industry localized database migration solution embraces the new cycle of "upgrading" domestic databases.



The digital transformation of enterprises is not only the general trend of the digital economy era, but also an opportunity for the rise of domestic databases. Under the tide of digital transformation, domestic databases are at the best time for development. Innovative business models, rich application scenarios, and challenges from business, cost, and encore are all driving the database to enter the "upgrade" cycle. .

In order to welcome the advent of the era of database localization, Chinasoft International has launched a targeted overall solution for the migration of localized databases in the domestic financial industry. ChinaSoft International's localized database migration solution for the financial industry is one of the main solutions for Chinasoft International's corporate digital infrastructure upgrade. ChinaSoft International draws on its rich implementation experience and strong R&D capabilities in the field of big data and AI, as well as in-depth research on localized databases, combined with customers’ pain points in migration efficiency, migration data quality and other aspects, and draws on the best practices of localized database migration in the financial industry Experience, provide financial industry customers with domestic database migration consulting methodology and engineering implementation service solutions.

ChinaSoft International’s financial industry localized database migration solution follows the data migration methodology generally recognized in the industry, and divides the overall migration process into four stages:
- source system investigation,
- system migration,
- system verification,
- delivery and switching.

Source system research is an indispensable stage for localized data migration. An efficient and high-quality data migration plan requires a full investigation of the client's pain points, system characteristics and requirements in terms of the source system's architecture, models, applications, operations, data management and control, and a targeted formulation of the overall migration plan with reference to best practices.

System migration and system verification are closely linked. It is the specific execution process of localized database migration, including overall migration plan design, system construction, data model, physical data, program logic, application function migration, etc., as well as parallel verification of the above migration content. Ensure the accuracy of the migration data.

The system delivery and switching phase is a parallel transition period between the source system and the new system after the migration. The switching and verification of related systems are required to ensure the smooth, safe, and complete launch of the system. The migration process uses the auxiliary tools provided by the platform to achieve the goals of improving efficiency, standardizing processes, reducing risks, and reducing investment.

Based on ChinaSoft International’s experience in data platform construction, operation and maintenance and migration in financial and other industries, we refined the key points of technology and management in the above process, and developed relevant automation tools to form a high-quality, safe and reliable overall migration Program.

Automated migration strategy
ChinaSoft International makes full use of self-developed data migration tools, with advanced technical solutions and rich data migration experience to help users achieve data distribution, migration, and synchronization requirements for financial data platforms or financial scene data. The data migration tool involves data model, script syntax, program loading, data migration and data comparison, etc. The degree of automation reaches 80%.

Automated migration tool
- Data Object Migration Tool (CSIOT)
Supports rapid migration of data objects between multiple heterogeneous databases, preset templates, and supports log management and error warnings of the object migration process.

- Data Migration Tool (CSIDT)
Supports rapid data replication between various databases, supports drag-and-drop graphical job flow design, and visual data migration task job management, planning and scheduling, real-time monitoring, message reminders and log analysis.

- ETL Assisted Development Tool (CSIDEV)
It is an auxiliary tool for ETL development and code migration automation. It automates the ETL development process through configurable DDL and script generation templates, as well as SQL script code conversion between different databases.

- ETL scheduling tool (CSIETL)
It is a cross-platform, easy-to-install ETL scheduling tool that supports mainstream databases and supports the formulation, execution and integrated monitoring of multi-task scheduling plans.

- Data Verification Tool (CSIDV)
It is a closed-loop data verification tool. The system has built-in 1000+ insurance and securities industry data verification rules. It also supports the expansion of verification rules, which can easily realize the automatic identification of data quality problems and the generation of quality reports.

- Automated Operation and Maintenance Tool (CSIOPS)
It manages various IT assets with CMDB as the core, including but not limited to hardware, software, application information, service information, load information, etc., and supports a full range of operation and maintenance monitoring and alarms.

Success case
An overall data warehouse migration project for a large financial institution:
This project is the first benchmark project in the industry to migrate the data warehouse as a whole to a big data platform. In the project, ChinaSoft International improved the public framework, developed migration tools; formulated the technical architecture of the big data platform in line with the customer’s technical characteristics, completed the model design of the data warehouse theme layer, summary layer, and market layer; successfully realized the historical data direction The migration of big data platform, and provide daily operation and maintenance of production environment, production environment error reporting and ETL abnormal situation handling services.

For more solution details, please inquire
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