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Re: Watts Watt post# 191

Thursday, 01/14/2021 8:19:37 AM

Thursday, January 14, 2021 8:19:37 AM

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Not stalking you, but was checking in on Materion and saw you posted here and read some of the posts.

To confirm your thoughts, 3-4 (maybe more) years ago, I spoke to Kelley (previous CFO) with Shamrock on the line. I’ll say, first, that Kelley did all the talking and Shamrock was there for “observation.” (It’s the smart thing to do, so that the person outside the Company can’t twist the words of the insider).

Second, I appreciated them setting up the call. Both of them were ALL class and really sharp guys.

Third, it was clear they did their part and tried to cultivate a relationship and introduce LQMT to their connections, but LQMT mucked it all up. No, they didn’t say it, but that was my conclusion and it wasn’t a guess because I could hear the frustration in Kelley’s voice; sort of like a professional helping a fellow professional, repeatedly, but then you realize that it’s a waste of your time. Now, who is it to “blame”? Hauck? Steipp? Combination of both? Kelley had too much class and professionalism to name names, but I remember that call SO vividly because it was clear to me, although Kelley’s words were understandably carefully crafted, that the Company I was invested in had a CEO and salesperson that were total muck-ups at LQMT (Steipp was just wrong for LQMT, Hauck is just a Hack). It sounds pathetic and contrite, but my heart sunk and that was the impetus to start a rotation out. (Hack selling was a revolting, disgusting sign, as well, and they should have canned his ass then, which maybe they eventually did because of it). Even if Steipp wasn’t to blame, and I know how much you despise the guy, he hired Hack, who I despise as much as you despise Steipp. I had my interactions with Hack and I’ll leave it at that and, believe it or not, in a professional setting, I don’t act like a petulant child, like I do on ihub, so my point is I tried to be professional with Hack, and was, but I read that guy, called his bluff, and he resented it. As much as Steipp hired him on, in my opinion, I think a lot of the bullshit, wasted opportunities, and misdirection was because of Hack because he was in over his head and he was completely full of shit and out for himself to the extent he’d walk over ANYONE to benefit himself.

I may stick around for your reply, but I’m signing off ihub today (going full circle, I guess, first connecting with you here on ihub and closing out with you here). Either way, don’t think I’m being insolent if I don’t reply to you. When I think I’ve suffered (“suffering” is all a relative term, of course) holding that other Company, I can’t help thinking how tough it is to have held much longer. Hoping you guys get your payoff this year, although I’m sick of “hoping.” I’ve kind of had enough of a lot of social media outlets. They’re a big part of the problem.

I still have enough shares for it to matter, not like you bigger shareholders, but with all that you bigger holders have been through, NO ONE can say you don’t all deserve it. Never say never.

Best of luck.

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