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Tuesday, 12/29/2020 5:55:31 AM

Tuesday, December 29, 2020 5:55:31 AM

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I have invested in AABB for the reasons below and feel that some HUGE things are about to happen here very soon and why the share price can go super parabolic or Tsunamic:

1) AABB will soon be reporting their Audited financials (by Waters CPA )that will show gross profits greater than $16+ million and growing the revenues are very large like $30 - 40 million and growing quarter over quarter, with Historic High Production Expected In Consecutive Quarters.This will create HUGE SHAREHOLDER TRANSPARENCY towards the company. The uplist to OTCQB will also happen very soon as soon as we get audited financials. The PR is in the link below:

2) They are in the final stages of bringing the Gold Backed Crypto currency offering. We are in a crypto currency boom and the great thing is that it is backed by Gold which has huge value and not FIAT currency whose value is reducing with time. This is really HUGE, and this makes AAB not only a Gold mining company but also a Crypto currency company, that can cause the stock to soar to huge heights. When AABB does the ICO for the Gold Backed Crypto currency, and the valuation of the coin is released, a large number of Crypto Currency buyers will start buying and they will feel very safe as it is backed by Gold and not FIAT currency, and will be like owning GOLD, with huge value that will go up. This will also add a HUGE and I mean HUGE momentum to the AABB stock as well. The PR is in the link below:

3) They have made a Lithium acquisition, which is in huge demand as the demand of EV's is growing very rapidly. This is really HUGE as well. The PR regarding this is attached in the link below:

4) They are acquiring more Gold mines and adding to the net profits/revenues and valuation. This is as per the previous PRs by the company. PR is in the link below:

5) Qiangda has seen huge valuation in AABB because of the above and are in Advanced Stage Negotiations With Joint Venture Partner "Qiangda " For Purchase Of Guerrero Gold Belt Mine And Facilities In Mexico.

BUYOUT PR advanced stage negotiations below:

6) There is a huge amount of short in the AABB stock.

7) The below video interview with Max Kieser, talks about a Gold backed cryptocurrency coin (Which I am very positive they are referring to AABB), being backed by Chinese. China and India are the largest consumers of Gold and Silver. AABB has a Gold backed cryptocurrency coin being backed by Chinese in Max Keiser interview.Anybody bearish on this stock at pennyland with a gold backed cryptocurrency coin is going to be extremely sorry! imo this will go to dollars. MARA & RIOT were .35 & .51 this year and not gold backed cryptocurrency coin.

The Max Kieser interview link is below:

All the above catalysts are being perfectly timed. Currently the plan is for the Joint Venture Partner "Qiangda" to BUYOUT the Guerrero Gold Belt Mine And Facilities In Mexico, my estimate is in the range $150 - 250 Million and AABB could merge into "Qiangda". There is also a high possibility of the entire company being bought out by Joint Venture Partner "Qiangda", because "Qiangda" sees HUGE valuation in AABB and with the buyout, there will be a name, symbol, CUSIP and address change that will cause a MOASS with the shorts covering BIG TIME and we can easily fly to 10 - 20 cents in a matter of days if not hours. The float is very low and is already locked and nobody is going to be selling at these dirt cheap prices, so depending on the dollar value offered for the BUYOUT, and the momentum we could even approach a 50 cents to a Dollar level.

AABB is growing like a NASDAQ/NYSE company and not an OTC company.

Don't underestimate as to what is about to happen soon. This is BIG REAL BIG and will be a LIFE CHANGER, so accumulate as much as you can at these ridiculously cheap prices.