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Monday, November 16, 2020 1:57:55 AM

Re: A deleted message

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I don't have to prove anything to you.
You make your own decisions and my comments are my point of view.

There are people making 10's of thousands of dollars daily on uboob by just streaming OTHER people playing games. If people like that and want to sponsor them, that's fine. That's their money.

By the way, this boards concept is dead in the water. And I hope it stays there.
This scam is getting bitcoin (doubt it's working, because people see what it really is) while 'gamers' get shit reject junk that they picked up at the same free sites we can get free junk from. While they burn out you personal computer and data feed running their mining program 100% of the time. That's if their software isn't already a trojan on your system by you just going to their site and clicking on info.
There still are browser mining software out there that Dl's onto your system without your knowledge through exploits and even email spam.

It's probably going to pick back up or has because of covid and now bitcoin being artificially pumped back up again.

The top two 96% of parties that attempt to use bitcoin are the silk road illegal trade and porn industry. And even porn still has CC and paypal as main pay options, with bitcoin as a background choice. If bitcoin was the be all end all only currency, why does porn and silk road internet black markets still have CC and paypal as first choice pay options? Because they don't trust bitcoin.

You want proof? Then prove me wrong.

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