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Potential biotech unicorn @.0005: ENZC.

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Q7 Member Level  Tuesday, 08/25/20 10:31:05 AM
Re: onthefritz101 post# 94
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Potential biotech unicorn @.0005: ENZC.

Brief notes for da’ impatient mental patients out there lol: basically ENZC owns 49% of a Phase IV (yes, as in Phase III done ...something some $20 Naz biotechs dont have ..yes though this is in Eastern Europe but still approved testing by World Practice Show and under European Union strict guidelines ) ....antiviral drug that was shown to kill an incredible 80% of HIV in tests done. 80%. Stock is at lol .0005 ...what is going on? And now in April 8k we read company is trying to now produce it in labs here in U.S....get final approvals to sell in Eastern Europe and then everywhere else. So this is worth a starter at the very least i think cause this news could now hit anytime.....making it the cheapest by ten million miles Phase IV producing then selling major breakthrough antiviral drug public company.

Oh and here is then U.S. Patent too !:


..and it’s valued at over $5 million, which alone without use put the pps at MC of .0025:


So you can stop there if you want cause thats all the facts and shows how extremely undervalued ENZC is. Below though you will see a decent to good SS for a biotech, especially one in lol Phase IV(!) and on verge of finally producing then selling their breakthrough antiviral drug thats now taken 15 years of research......and also THE reason why I post this NOW.....and why this may run yuuuuge soon: an iHub poster got an email supposedly claiming that the CEO is dropping news in next couple weeks after the lawyers get some things done. News doesnt come often here....so chart is near bottom...hasnt been a huge run in a long time: this biotech is Ready.

Now onto speculation and i think low hanging fruit and easy dots to connect what ALSO may be happening with ENZX and their novel antiviral ImmunH. Guys, these Phase I through III studies ALSO found that their ImmunH works very well with other kinds of viruses, is compatible w other antiviral medications....and is completely safe. wow. So what other kinds of viruses have happened in world since their 2017 Phase III very successful trial was passed and completed. well of course....Covid 19.

But first read up on it all to wrap your head around what could be coming. Again...definitely an awesome HIV treatment that ALONE w 80% kill rate and passed Phase III onto production.......warrants a pps in dimes w an OS under 2 bil wouldnt you think? ...but maybe something else too cause they developed the past 10 years something that by chance, is exactly what some of the rare and even NIH recommended Covid treatments are NOW using: ‘ Immune Modulators’ therapies. ...(right time right biotech breakthrough....right insanely cheap biotech trip z pps, with a SS like this....w tradeable float around a billion w the 738 mil Restricted shares....so real quick before go on the SS:

Authorized Shares
Outstanding Shares

..now read this from ENZC’s website:

Enzolytics currently holds a 49% Interest in Immunotech Laboratories BG-Europe. Immunotech BG-Europe has a license for the development and commercialization of Enzolytics Patented ITV-1 Technology. Immunotech BG-Europe , under the branded ImmunH , utilizing the technology has successfully completed Phase III clinical trials at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Infectious and Parasite Disease in Sofia, Bulgaria, specific for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

MONROVIA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2017 / Immunotech Laboratories, Inc. announced today the completion of successful clinical Phase III testing on patients suffering from HIV/AIDS of its patented medical product, ITV-1-ImmunH treatment. The clinical trials were conducted through IMMB's subsidiary, Immunotech Laboratories BG – Europe ("IMMB-BG") at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Infectious and Parasite Diseases – "Prof. Ivan Kirov", Sofia Bulgaria. The trials, using the most current state of the art clinical testing methods available, which were approved at the World Practice Show, revealed significant positive results in treating the deadly disease. Data from the final report shows improvement in immune indices in the absolute number of LY, CD3 T, CD4 T, CD8 T, B Ly, NK levels and in the percentage of CD3 T, CD4 T, CD8 T, B Ly, NK and in the CD4/CD8 index. Most importantly, viral loads in approximately 80% of the blood samples of the patients, after completion of the treatment cycles, came back at non-detectable levels. Other important results noted in the summary report were the positive treatment effect on opportunistic infections, compatibility with all other antiviral drugs, high level of tolerance in all patients and the complete lack of any negative side effects.
The full report is available on the Company Website, www.immunotechlab.com. Additional information is available on the website of our subsidiary Immunotech Laboratories BG-Europe – www.immunh.com.


Welcome to Immunotech Laboratories BG,
We are a corporation, which is dedicated to the development of medicine for HIV-1 Infection, Chronic Infection, Hepatitis(A,B,C), Rheumatoid Arthritis, some types of Cancer and every other viruses connected with the immune system of the human being.

We have tested ImmunH on volunteers and the medicine has shown that it is highly effective(for full destruction of the viruses) and is absolutely harmless. ImmunH can also be used to strengthen the immune system in people that are not infected with a virus, because it is a natural product. 

We have tested ImmunH on patients who suffered  from HIV/AIDS in a clinical trial conducted under the strict guidelines of the European Union. The results of the clinical trial have shown: 
* improvement in the immune indices in the absolute number of Ly, CD3 T, CD4 T, CD8 T, B Ly, NK and in the percentage of CD3 T, CD4 T, CD8 T, B Ly, NK, and of the index CD4/CD8, 
* decrease in the viral load, 
* a good treatment effect on opportunistic infections, 
* very good compatibility with all of the other modern antiretroviral drugs, 
* very good tolerance in all patients and complete absence of side effects.


ImmunoTech Laboratories BG-Europe has filed for a mass use permit, Phase IV, in Bulgaria. Enzolytics is seeking a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) in the United States to produce the Immunotherapy Treatment to be used as the validation batch in coordination with the Bulgarian regulatory authority and Immunotech BG-Europe.
Additionally, ImmunoTech BG-Europe has informed Enzolytics that they will be seeking to register the ImmunH product as a ImmuneModulator, allowing use as an adjunct in additional applications to regulate or normalize the Immune System.


...so,guys.....Immune Modulators. Hmm. Why would BG-Europe inform ENZC that they WILL BE seeking to register ImmunH as an ‘Immune Modulator’? Could it have anything to do with, the NIH in June actually green-lighting an Immune Modulator, ‘dexamethasone’ as one of the rare actual therapies that has been shown to work...out of so many now tried?...yes the below is from the U.S. ...NIH!:

Immunomodulators Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19
Last Updated: July 30, 2020

Summary Recommendations
On the basis of the preliminary report from the Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy (RECOVERY) trial, the Panel recommends using dexamethasone 6 mg per day for up to 10 days for the treatment of COVID-19 in patients who are mechanically ventilated (AI) and in patients who require supplemental oxygen but who are not mechanically ventilated (BI)


Dexamethasone reduces mortality by one-third in ventilated patients with COVID-19”


.“ By contrast, the use of interleukin-6 (IL-6) inhibition might have benefits by controlling the pathological immune response to the virus. Here, we expand on the theoretical basis of IL-6 inhibition and propose potential benefits from other immunomodulators that could, in theory, prove more efficacious.“


The exact cause of the lymphopenia is not clearly understood, and SARS-CoV-2 is not known to productively infect T-lymphocytes.  However, the lymphopenia could possibly explain why some cytokines, such as IL-6 tend to reduce with increased severity of disease.
Given the complex nature of the immune response with COVID-19, there is little surprise that a diverse group of immunomodulators are being evaluated in clinical trials  We highlight many of them here.“


.....And again.....ENZC and BG know that their ImmunH not only kills HIV so effectively, it discovered that it did a great job w other viral infections w no side effects. So on their last 8k...see company description:

“Enzolytics is committed to the betterment of health for all mankind and exploring/developing additional applications of its novel immunotherapy compounds to that end.”


....finally and sorry for length....but a scam fake news article came out about ENZC in Feb about some kind of ENZC Covid treatment which company immediately denied.......but the scammers at that time used the fact that early on scientists knew HIV drugs could possibly help Covid and looked most promising ...which STILL in fact makes ENZC very compelling..........but those scammers did not know about ENZC’s ImmuneModulator aspect and how the NIH in June would allow one to be officially used on the Covid fight. So in the end ENZC has almost a literal cure for HIV.....and signaling i think to market that they are going to also join the Covid fight as they claim that ImmunH does so well w no side effects against other viruses too.

....and finally finally etc: its also a big deal cause brtxq which ran from .0004 to now over a penny ....is running cause yes perhaps shares will not be wiped out...but also cause its has its own clinical trials, but they are in Phase II......ENZC completed Phase III two years ago is now onto Phase IV final approvals the production and sales. Or take SOAN they just got only the license to one day treat MS patients....from an Italian company.....not even Phase I done yet this process will take years and years yet pps going crazy.....: ENZC has a literal Phase IV all steps completed antiviral HIV 80% killer drug ready to soon go to market...millions of miles ahead of SOAN.

Again...ENZC is severely underpriced at .0005 .....

So in end starter position anything below .001 w all the above for me is no brainer. Nothing in market can run like a novel biotech. And ENZC has near cure for HIV and i think worth a shot at Covid. All this and if this iHub poster is telling truth, updates coming in next couple weeks:

MAGA_PATRIOT Monday, 08/24/20 02:35:37 PM
Re: The Penny Oracle post# 19435
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Hey Penny and rest of ENZC'ers- New to this board, but jumped in ENZC at the beginning of the year. I called Harry a couple of weeks ago and left him a voicemail. He called me back later that same evening, and I spoke with him for 10-15 min. He did say that we would have an update towards the end of the month (August) and/or very beginning of September, and more importantly said that:

"we are just waiting for the lawyers to finish up and give us the OK to proceed."

He did not elaborate on what the lawyers are working on, etc..., but I did find it interesting. Could be the SEC lawyers that they said they retained to get current, or it could be something much bigger/better. Either way, I interpreted it as though we'd have a pretty substantial updated by early September.

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