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Sunday, 07/26/2020 12:32:49 PM

Sunday, July 26, 2020 12:32:49 PM

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See post 2529. IMO this is the reason for the frustration of posters who link the fraud by a past CEO, by past legal counsel, WITH PRESENT DAY NMC. Those directors were found guilty. One jailed another died but prison was imminent. Many factual documents exist online.
A few years later the CEO Maurice Furlong added this problem for shareholders.
IMO-That history has impeded results. I've been a shareholder since 2002 or 2003. I bought millions of shares at .012-.015 cents. I can see many still hold. I live with the same frustration as those that post online. What past management did hurt me then and still is. I speak for myself and I don't represent the company.

The lease with AZ was renewed. More custodial assays performed.
The Blackstone group was contracted and a PR happened Jan 17th 2008. They were hired as a broker/seller. Here is the exit PR 6 months later. I have the engagement PR as a PDF. I cant attach here.
As mentioned in the PR, the banking crisis caused private equity to evaporate. Blackstone was engaged to late in the growth cycle and at the VERY end of the real estate BUBBLE. The take away from that was: "Blackstone has granted NMC full access to the custodial assays commissioned pursuant to their engagement." IMO-CREDIBILITY REESTABLISHED
Here is an investor who did their own DD. I found this post when I was reading and searching all things NMC. His information is memorable to me because it was my initial email to Garrett Moran that sparked dialog. I had a pretty big investment in SIRI-Sat radio and Blackstone was critical to launching that product. I had all kinds of facts about what they were doing at SIRI. With a bit of credibility established, and a project manager assigned, another investor took that forward to the NMC board. That investor and the NMC board excluded me at that point from all future information. That was very frustrating for me. Later I understood why all negotiations must be kept quiet. Only credible companies do that.

NMC Recent
3 Shareholder updates in 2020. The first update in years. Indicating a few deals that got close to closing, financial shortages, and whos been paying the bills all these years. While the struggle continues, the price of gold has hit an all time high.

I dont represent the company. I did this review without assistance. Its always expected of investors to do their own DD. The stress continues with my 6 figure investment showing zero value.