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Monday, 01/06/2020 5:01:14 PM

Monday, January 06, 2020 5:01:14 PM

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From -- some information on items that Freedom Motors plans to file patents on:

Patent to be Filed
“A specific combination of engine displacement, engine RPM and brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) that allows the Rotapower engine to operate on the Otto cycle while using diesel fuel”

Patent to be Filed
“A much improved fuel/air charge pathway through the rotor developed to improve cooling of the rotor and vaporization of the charge”

Patent to be Filed
“A compound version of the rotary engine where two rotors are able to function in series rather than parallel”

Patent to be Filed
“Unique one-way valve to allow the charge to flow in one direction while not allowing it to flow in the reverse direction”

Patent to be Filed
“A rotor cooling arrangement employing a phase change of a liquid that allows almost unlimited cooling of the rotor”

Patent to be Filed
“Developed a seal and rotor housing coating material combination that along with a proprietary rotor housing wear surface finish, allowed the wear surface and seal life to exceed a documented 20,000 hours”

All stuff to do with improvements to the rotary engine.