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Re: mick post# 2

Friday, 12/01/2006 8:39:07 PM

Friday, December 01, 2006 8:39:07 PM

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Like it or not, the SEC has allowed nss securities
illegal fraud 666 robbery -
to run rampant in all US & Can. stocks markets -

(FYI. not in CNQ Can. New Stock Echange -
Not in London Stock Exchange - AIM - and
many US & Can. comp. got listed recently)

markets by simply looking the other way and allowing
ex. the market makers to target markets as a source
of huge amounts of cash, literally
stolen from investors by the third party creation of
shares by an entity other than the the issure -
the company.

This rule is nothing less than blanket permission by
the SEC for market makers to become the issuers of
company stock, no matter what the company's official
authorized and issued amounts are.

And that, my friends and fellow investors, is
securities fraud on a scale almost beyond

Isn't capitalism great - Very Great - The Greatest -
when the Law and Order is upheld -
and the 666 banksterz be put in jails -
and not allowed to kill 100 mil. Christians -
like the bolshevikz 666 banksterz did in -
the great Russia -

One way to fight back on this is to email all the members
on the House Committee of Financial Services
(click link below) -
To The President and the Vice Pres. of USA -
Senate Members -
FBI & CIA etc. -
They oversee the SEC.
We need 1000's of emails going to all the Chairmans -
of all Homeland Sec. Committees etc., all mebers
for that matter,
stating that this -
illegal criminal fraudz banksterz corruptionz must stop!!

Come on people let's stand up for something and fight back
on this.
It will take a herculean effort to make our voices known.
The next Chairman will probably be Barney Frank so maybe -
we can make a difference with a new Chairman.

a snippet reflexion from another nss ihub forum -

Note. the bottom line is -
The SEC - is a shame and disgrace to -
United State Of America -
for not been able to shut down the nss terror -
of illegal criminals to naked short sellings -
which been going on and increased since 9/11 -
666 terror plot -
about fiat$6 trillion been robbed out of
the stock market since 9/11 by 666 bolshevikz
banksterz owg gangsterz -

The SEC - is a shame, disgrace and disgust to -
The World & to the Mining Industry -
United State Of America -

Why are old Great US & Canadian Mining shares
at a fraction of real values? -

who is the 666 destroying our Society Liberty - Freedoms? -
who is the 666 anti-Can., anti-US, anti-UK, anti-Europe? -
anti-Christians & Jew., anti-Liberty & Freedom? -
who is the 666 owg 9/11 terror rats? -

(is it the old bolshevikz owg banksterz? -
who killed 100mil Christians for not long ago? -
is history to repeat again? -)

Ex. Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko, in a statement -
dictated before he died, accused his -
Putins killers of being "barbaric" -

The statement was read by his friend Alex Goldfarb -
who was joined by Mr Litvinenko's -
father Walter -


Putin's Spy agent death-bed Putin accusation -

Alexander Litvinenko before (L) and after poisoning

Mr Litvinenko's condition deteriorated rapidly in hospital

Litvinenko statement
Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko has accused Russian President
Vladimir Putin of involvement in his death, in a statement
dictated before he died.

Mr Litvinenko, 43, who died in a London hospital on Thursday
evening and is thought to have been poisoned, said his killer
was "barbaric and ruthless".

Protest from around the world "will reverberate, Mr Putin,
in your ears for the rest of your life," he said.

Radiation found after spy's death
'No radiation risk' public told
Putin: Spy's death 'provocation'
Spy's death-bed Putin accusation
Father's tribute to poisoned spy
Service denies ex-spy poisoning
Spy death dominates EU summit

Bucky is soon following of the cliff -

Are the lemmings following Bucky -
or will you wake UP to take position -
in Gold & Silver Mines Safety -

God Bless

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