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interesting blood thing- CRYOGENIC BLOOD

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interesting blood thing- CRYOGENIC BLOOD
It's giving "superhuman" healing powers to American soldiers… dying cancer patients... even infants…
It's increasing their chances of survival by over 95%...
And on September 30, the FDA is expected to make it the standard of care – with one tiny $6 firm holding the only FDA-approved patent.
While on patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan, First Lieutenant Joshua Jones's Humvee rolled over an IED buried in the dusty road.

The explosion transformed his vehicle into a "twisted inferno."

And while he was able to heroically escape the wreckage, First Lieutenant Jones was massively bleeding out from his right arm and left leg.

His heart rate dropped to a shocking 99/41; his pulse was over 156 beats per minute; and his body was seconds away from going into shock.

If First Lieutenant Jones didn't receive treatment soon, he was going to die.

Army medics rushed in. They applied tourniquets on his arm and leg and compression dressings on his wounds.

But it wasn't enough. So the medics brought out the army's latest breakthrough in medical technology.

"Cryogenic Blood."

They immediately issued 20 units of the cryogenic blood. Then, something amazing happened.

Even though First Lieutenant Jones was seconds away from death, his body began to miraculously repair itself.

The piercing wounds… the lacerations caused by exploding shards of metal… all the damage caused by the IED began healing at a "superhuman" rate.

It was as if time was sped up, and First Lieutenant Jones's body began healing at hyperspeed.

It Was as If He Spent Six Weeks in a Hospital in under Five Minutes.

His wounds began closing all on their own – without any need for intensive surgery.

First Lieutenant Jones was then transported to a hospital. His injuries healed, and he was later discharged, returning home an American hero.

It sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. But it's not.

First Lieutenant Jones Was a Part of a Little-Known Government Program Started by DARPA in 2012.

The program was the culmination of over 70 years of scientific research that involved hundreds of America's top scientists from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale developing this radical technology called cryogenic blood.

And with part of the United States' $290 billion medical budget supporting it, the cryogenic blood program could completely revolutionize medicine and save over two million people's lives.

And the program was a resounding success.

Cryogenic blood could begin healing any traumatic injury within seconds.

Whether they are injuries from an exploding IED…

Or from a 12-hour-long brain surgery…

Or from poisonous chemotherapy treatments…

Cryogenic blood can be used to dramatically reduce the damage and save people's lives.

And one recent study showed that cryogenic blood's key ingredient gives people over a 95% survival rate.

That's Right. A 95% Survival Rate.

And I'm here to tell you about how it could change your life too.

Hello, my name is Michael Robinson.

I am a 35-year Silicon Valley veteran and the director of technology and venture capital research for Money Morning, a large financial publisher located in Baltimore, Maryland.

And thanks to this technology I call cryogenic blood, First Lieutenant Jones is just one of a growing number of success stories.

Like nine-month-old Jessica from New York, who one day suffered a severe injury as the result of a horrific fall.

Baby Jessica was bleeding from her leg and it wouldn't stop.

Her parents tried bandages, wrappings, gauze – everything to stop the bleeding. But nothing worked.

Baby Jessica was losing blood fast and was rushed to the emergency room...

Where they discovered she had a rare, potentially fatal blood disorder…

That if left untreated would kill her.

Quickly, the doctors gave her a single injection of cryogenic blood.

The cryogenic blood contained special properties that allowed baby Jessica's body to radically heal itself.

And for the first time in her life, her body was able to stop the massive bleeding.

She went from dying on the table to living a completely normal life.

Now her condition is no more difficult to treat than diabetes or high blood pressure.

And that's not all cryogenic blood can do…

"Cryogenic Blood" Can Even Help Cure Cancer.

At 58 years old, just two weeks after the birth of her second grandchild, Sandra Comings received the worst news of her life.

Sandra had leukemia.

And not just any form of leukemia. She had the most dangerous subtype called acute myeloid leukemia. She needed immediate treatment.

Along with standard chemotherapy, Sandra received several treatments of cryogenic blood.

Without cryogenic blood, Sandra risked massive bleeding in her brain and lungs.

But thanks to cryogenic blood, Sandra's body was able to repair the horrific damage caused by chemotherapy and stop her brain and lungs from hemorrhaging.

After a Few More Treatments of Cryogenic Blood, Sandra was Cancer-Free.

Sandra's story is being repeated again and again across the country.

Any time a cancer patient has surgery or receives an invasive treatment, they risk massive trauma and bleeding.

But cryogenic blood could become the new standard of care for any cancer patient receiving chemotherapy treatments.

In fact, there are already three different variations of cryogenic blood in production, each with its own specific use.

And with 1.7 million new cases of cancer in the U.S. every year – cryogenic blood could save millions of lives.

Lieutenant Jones's, Jessica's, and Sandra's stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

The National Institutes of Health currently lists 9,432 clinical trials for cryogenic blood's key ingredient being conducted by universities like…

Mayo Clinic…
Cleveland Clinic…
And more.

And they have led to some stunning discoveries.

Discoveries that could forever change the way we treat injuries.

The three different types of cryogenic blood can regenerate and repair any piercing, laceration, or severe injury almost instantly – without dangerous side effects.

And patients never develop a resistance or tolerance to it.

Which is why on September 30, the FDA is expected to release a new guidance document dictating a new standard of care for cryogenic blood technology throughout the country.

It's already changing the lives of U.S. soldiers and other people suffering from life-threatening diseases.

Today, I'm going to show you how it can change your life too.

Over the course of my 35-year career, I've been a board member of one venture capital firm and a senior advisor for two more.

And mark my words: Cryogenic blood will be the most disruptive medical technology we'll see this decade.

In fact, I believe that every medical system on the planet will try desperately to get their hands on as much of this miracle blood as they can.

The U.S. military has already put $201 million into this technology.

The FDA is expected to release guidelines later this year that could make cryogenic blood the new standard of care for traumatic injuries in hospitals across the United States.

This would make it completely mandatory for cryogenic blood to be in every hospital, ambulance, trauma center, emergency room, and operating room across the United States.

In a few short months, all 6,210 hospitals in the United States could have access to cryogenic blood technology.

This is one of the most exciting opportunities in medical science since the discovery of antibiotics.

And it's one of the most exciting investment opportunities as well.

You see, one company is at the center of it all.

In 2014, they received FDA approval to produce a specialized cryogenic blood that only they can make.

Once the FDA approves cryogenic blood as the new standard of care on an expected date of September 30, they will be set for complete domination.

That's Why Experts Ca

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