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RLLVF could run +78% (or more) in share price today!

RLLVF (Relevium Technologies Inc.)

Alert Price: $0.06

Float: 122.64M

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The global nutraceutical market is estimated to be over $200 billion USD and is expected to reach $300 billion by the end of 2023.
Growing awareness regarding the consumption of healthy foods has resulted in increased demand for nutraceuticals in the U.S. The European market is driven by a steady innovation of high-performance natural ingredients used in nutraceuticals. Increasing adoption of e-commerce and growing consumer awareness through social media are further likely to augment the demand for nutraceuticals over the forecast period.

The market has witnessed an increased focus on the ingredients used for manufacturing nutraceuticals. The demand for natural products is expected to grow at a rapid pace over the next eight years as consumers perceive these products to be healthier and more effective as compared to synthetic products.

We have identified a rapidly growing micro-cap company that is already well positioned to capitalize on this multi-billion dollar market.

That company is Relevium Technologies, and it is publicly traded in three countries on three separate exchanges OTCQB: “RLLVF”, TSX.V: “RLV”, and Frankfurt: “6BX”.
About Relevium Technologies

Relevium Technologies operates in the health and wellness industry, including legal cannabis, with a primary focus on online distribution. The principal business of the Company is the identification, evaluation, acquisition and operations of brands and businesses in the health and wellness markets and medical cannabis. The Company pursues its business strategy through an acquisition and partnership model in a holistic approach to encompass a wide range of health and wellness consumer products.

Relevium’s products are part of the $3.72 trillion dollar global wellness industry — one of the fastest growing worldwide markets. Their specific focus is on products that promote overall health, nutraceuticals, fitness nutrition and cosmeceuticals. The company already has 25 products being sold on Amazon with more being planned.

Relevium operates through two wholly owned subsidiaries:

BGX E-Health LLC (BGX), based in Orlando, Florida, markets dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, sports nutrition and cosmeceuticals primarily through its Bioganix® brand portfolio in the US and Europe. Relevium’s premium brands are sold at some of the world’s largest retailers including such as and

The company’s product offering includes cutting-edge line of weight-loss, anti-inflammatory, heart, vision, beauty and fitness supplements sold through their Bioganix®, Push & Pull System® and LeefyLyfe® brands with the objective of helping people lose weight, become healthier, happier, and most importantly achieve the results that our customers desire.

Bioganix®, founded in 2014, has some of the best-selling products in the Health and Personal Care category on Amazon, and a loyal customer base. The combination of online marketing with an emphasis on superior quality products backed by stringent scientific research and formulations, this has developed Bioganix® in becoming one of the leading dietary supplement brands online.

Push & Pull®, launched in 2019, is the first comprehensive natural anti-aging system for complete skin care that combines Collagen Protein supplements (PUSH) and naturally sourced Aloe Vera skin anti-aging cream (PULL). This new brand targets a brand-new revenue stream in the burgeoning cosmeceutical market, which is the fastest growing segment of the health and wellness Market.

LeefyLyfe® is their OTC cannabidiol Phyto formulated brand that combines the same trusted ingredients as those found in Bioganix® and Push & Pull® with the benefits of CBD . The company is currently waiting for the decision by the FDA to allow the sale of CBD as a supplement in order to release its products into the market.

Since 2017, Relevium’s OTC has grown its product offering and expanded its distribution channels to some of the largest online marketplaces such as eBay , Amazon and Relevium will continue to innovate with the BioGanix brand, expand the product line and distribution channels to further drive growth.

Biocannabix Health Corporation (BCX), based in Montreal, Quebec, is a biopharma nutraceutical company focused on delivering pediatric endo-medicinal nutraceuticals for cannabinoid therapy.

The company combines leading biopharma expertise, agricultural and logistic advantages of Colombia and trusted brand status with a clinically validation process for Phyto therapeutic medical products aimed at pediatric applications.

Biocannabix’ vertically integrated operations are located in key markets around the world: Canada, Colombia and Germany.

Scientific and Administrative Offices located in Montreal, Quebec
Cultivation and Extraction operations with an initial 20 hectares located in Cali , Colombia
Distribution and compliance partnership in Germany
The portfolio of Biocannabix brands include:

Cannakids®: Pediatric brand exclusive for the Canadian market
Relevium Senior®: Geriatric brand targeting inflammatory conditions including joints, heart and brain.
Relevium Kids®: Pediatric brand of Nutraceuticals and Oral Nutritional Supplements

Investment Highlights:

In 2017, the global wellness market reached $4.2T.
Global nutraceutical market to reach US$578.23B by 2025.
Vast distribution network through industry giants like Walmart and Amazon.
Building out 93,000-square-foot "Green Wave" cultivation and processing facility in Montreal, Quebec.
BioGanix generates approximately $1M in revenue per quarter.
47 SKUs developed for BioGanix to date.
Acquiring Cannakids’s IP , a leader in medical "Green Wave" patient research and pediatric and adult consumer product development.
Pending Sleipnir acquisition will initially bring in US$500K to Relevium’s topline revenue.
Partnership in place with HempCo Canada.
International expansion plans for all brands.
Recent Developments for Relevium

Relevium’s Biocannabix Positions Itself as an Important Player in Colombia as it Pursues Endo-Medical Cannabis Strategy for Latin America

Earlier this month, RLVRelevium’s Biocannabix positioned itself as an important player in the Colombian medical cannabis market by cementing medical and research relationships in the country in order to establish clinical validation programs for its Endo Nutraceutical Supplements (ENS) and Oral Nutritional Supplements.

On June 13th, 2019, the Company announced a binding LOI to acquire LifeLine Pharma SAS , a binding agreement to acquire the shares of Lifeline Pharma SAS , a Cali based cultivation and extraction business in the burgeoning agro-pharma market in Colombia. With a much lower cost of production, a robust commercial and legal framework and a culture that is open to Phyto therapeutic medicine, Colombia is quickly becoming a global center of medical cannabis supply and it is forecasted that the Country will be looking to supply as much as 44% of the World’s demand.

“This is a major strategic step in the development of our Phyto therapeutic biopharma business” stated Aurelio Useche, CEO of Relevium Technologies.

The Company’s subsidiary, Biocannabix Health Corporation, is a vertically integrated medical cannabis company with strategic positioning in three major markets: Canada, Latin America and Europe.

The company’s operations in Montreal allows Biocannabix to leverage leading edge scientific and research platforms as well as government incentives in the province of Quebec. The recent acquisition of LifeLine in Colombia allows the company to leverage lower costs of cultivation and processing as well as to manage its own genetics for the production of targeted Phyto therapeutic formulations. Colombia, Canada and Germany combined are central to the clinical validation program for the ENS and ONS products that will be offered in all three markets.

Relevium Takes Major Step in Latam to Acquire Lifeline Pharma in Cali , Colombia

Biocannabix Health Corporation (“Biocannabix”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Relevium has executed on June 12, 2019 a binding agreement to acquire the shares of Lifeline Pharma SAS , a Cali based cultivation and extraction business in the burgeoning agro pharma market in Colombia.


Best in class partnership for international vertical integration.
Combination of Biocannabix focus on Pediatric Endo-Medicine with a large-scale operation with 150 years of sustainable, environmentally responsible and organic agricultural history
Located in Rozo, Valle del Cauca, in the heart of the sugar cane enclave seven minutes away from the international airport and 10 minutes away from Cali’s downtown core and a population of over 3M people
Multi-stage project with (1) an initial 5 hectares that includes the local offices, a laboratory, a fully enclosed greenhouse for tissue culture and micropropagation and an initial cultivation of over 200,000 square feet in open air green houses, (2) an option to expand to an additional 20 hectares or 2.2 million square feet of open air greenhouse cultivation and (3) the possibility to expand to another additional 60 hectares or 6.5 million square feet of cultivation.
Full registration of 668 genetic strains with the ICA , the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario.
Three licenses in progress including (1) extraction and manufacturing, (2) cultivation with THC and (3) non-psychoactive cultivation, all with scientific research, domestic sales and export modalities.
Strategic low-cost infrastructure that allows for an estimated stage two flower capacity of 170,000 Kg per year with an initial estimated cost of production 0.53$ per gram.
Development of an industrial scale extraction plant in the Pacific Free Zone, a private industrial park located minutes away from the cultivation project. The free zone offers the benefits of the free regime and seeks to promote and develop the process of industrialization of goods, the productive chain and the provision of services, as well as strengthen the competitiveness of its users and customers by taking advantage of the generated opportunities from international trade and bilateral agreements signed by Colombia.
Genetics laboratory and agronomic research in the BioParque del Pacifico located in the campus of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the Colombian Corporation for agricultural research (Agrosavia).

Relevium’s Bio-Pharma arm, Biocannabix, is focused in developing, marketing and selling endo-medicinal formulations on Nutraceuticals and Medical foods aimed primarily to pediatrics. An essential component of the strategy of delivering safe, 100% auditable medicine for pediatric patients is to ensure total control over the genetics, the cultivation and the processing of extracts. The partnership with Lifeline ensures a 100% organically grown product with access to over 600 registered genetic strains, the buildout of an EU GMP extraction facility in the Pacific Free Zone and the ability to trace and fully audit the process from seed to medicine through blockchain technology.

The strict regulation of the Colombian legal regime for cannabis only allow for the export of extracts and finished goods and we aim to service international demand for organically sourced medical cannabis extracts for LATAM, Europe and eventually the Asian continent.


Traditional remedies and natural medicine are an integral part of Colombian culture and with a fast-growing middle class and entrepreneurial nature, this market with a population of over 49 million is moving quickly to adopt cannabinoid therapy. Lifeline, through Biocannabix pediatric formulations, is poised to successfully obtain a significant market share of the local market.


Under the terms of the binding agreement, Biocannabix will acquire 100% of the shares on Lifeline Pharma SAS by investing an initial US$850,000 to be deployed during stage one of the projects. The initial investment is comprised of US$125,000 at signing, US$125,000 upon the grant of the initial licenses and a commitment to deploy funds totalling US$600,000 over the next seven months. As part of the transaction, Biocannabix Health Corporation will issue US$3,650,000 in shares representing approximately 41% of the shares outstanding of the wholly owned subsidiary.

In the event of a major transaction including a sale or a public offering, the shareholders of Lifeline Pharma will also receive an additional US$1.5 million to be settled in shares of Biocannabix or in cash.

Aurelio Useche, CEO of Relevium stated: “The acquisition and partnership with Lifeline Pharma SAS in Colombia represents the single most important development to date for Relevium, our team and our shareholders. This is the culmination of months of strategic re-alignment, negotiations and a lot of hard work by our team and the key stakeholders of Lifeline”. Mr. Useche added:” We are very pleased and proud to partner with the amazing team of Lifeline, including Oscar LIbreros CEO and Hossein Shadanlou COO and look forward to work together to execute on the common mission of providing safe, organically sourced and fully auditable endo-medicinal products for pediatric applications”

Oscar LIbreros, CEO of Lifeline Pharma SAS stated: “With over 150 years of tradition in organic farming and our objective to provide the best medical cannabis extracts and products, we are happy (THRILLED) to join forces and merge with Biocannabix Health Corporation in Canada. We look forward to delivering real value through the disciplined deployment of our operational strategy from Colombia to the world”

Cannabis Cultivation and Extraction Potentially Costs 80% Less in Latin America

With a much lower cost of production, a robust commercial and legal framework and a culture that is open to Phyto therapeutic medicine, Colombia is quickly becoming a global center of medical cannabis supply and it is forecasted that the Country will be looking to supply as much as 44% of the World's demand.

The region boasts exceptional climatic conditions, with lots of sunshine and good rainfall. This coupled with acres and acres of arable land, could make the LATAM region the global leaders in cannabis production.

In addition to the above, the price of labor is exceptionally cheap when compared to it's European and North American counterparts. Combined, it is estimated that LATAM will be able to produce cannabis – in commercial quantities – for nearly 80% less than the rest of the world. That's a pretty big advantage.

The recent acquisition of LifeLine in Colombia allows the company to leverage lower costs of cultivation and processing as well as to manage its own genetics for the production of targeted Phyto therapeutic formulations. Colombia, Canada and Germany combined are central to the clinical validation program for the ENS and ONS products that will be offered in all three markets.

We See the Potential For a +78% Move From Here

We've done our very own chart analysis, and we see the potential for a move of +78% from here.

Bullish Technical Indicators:
Well defined price channel established with respected trendlines .
Bottom hit and reversed on the daily candle.
Accumulative volume spikes.
Bounce off well defined trendline . Ready to trend higher.
Increased volume .
The Bottom Line

RLLVF deserves your immediate attention

We suggest that you add this rapidly growing micro-cap to the top of your watch-list, as these triggered technical indicators and company news could bring serious interest to this stock.

Best Regards,


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