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Monday, October 09, 2000 10:49:47 AM

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CBQ 10 Red Flags of MMM: Now first let me give a few principals as the underlying basis for a few market principles within this post as a prelude to what you’re asking. Especially since some are wanting my opinion or view. The following is almost a daily event in CBQI since December 8, 1999. Oh and just for what it is worth, MMs typically do not carry inventories in OTCs. However, the following is the 10 Red Flags for MMM (Market Maker Manipulation):

1. Cross-Trading is the control by one or only a few brokers who match purchases and sales to drive up or down the stock price with every way benefits which is the hallmark of penny stock manipulation … There was a 1200 cross Friday at 11:23 which I was tied up and did not commentary on http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9583 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9601
2. Boxing where a broker will position himself on both the ask and the bid, which is the heart of penny stock manipulation http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9567 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9602 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9603
3. Stock Call Signals of small share blocks of stock typically 100, 200 and 300 to get a supply of stock another MM or broker to help. http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9594 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9610 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9611
4. Locking is where the MM on the ask moves to the bid in an attempt to back the bidding MM off to drive the price of the stock down .. Last time it Locked was on 1-03-2000 here is the log … 9:40:56AM 0.750-0:781 25x25 / 9:59:36AM 0.719-0.830 25x25 / 9:58:11AM 1000 0.75 Bid Buy / 9:58:35AM 2500 0.75 Ask Sell / 9:58:12AM 1500 0.75 Bid Sell / 9:58:16AM 500 0.75 Bid Buy / 9:58:16AM 1500 0.75 Bid Buy / 9:58:17AM 0.750-0.750 25x25 / 9:58:25AM 0.719-0.750 25x25 / 9:58:24 2500 0.75 Bid Buy. http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9263
5. Nothing Done / No Fills is applied to your order and market makers trade ahead of you or is flat out where you can’t get a fill no matter what you do or complaint you make but will eventually http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=8127 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=8169 Hurri’s post on the time of not getting delivery of stock http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9692
6. Buy orders at the Ask Filled on the bid: http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9817
7. Excessive spreads between bid and ask prices; http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9263
8. Oversell grows daily which is where the market makers sell more stock they have bought. 10-06-2000 T&S Report 31% Oversell according to best effort http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9681 10-05-2000 T&S Report 70% Oversell according to Best Effort http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9531
9. The Churn is market makers trading where most of the volume (59% according to Forbes) is among themselves Take a look at around 11:00 on 10-04-2000 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9353 or 09-26-2000 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=8138
10. FUDs deliberate false and misleading rumor-mongering to deflate the stock price (Could these be Market Maker voices) http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9223 However a little history on Jetfuel http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9257 & part 2 http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9260 However Stock_Whiz http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9255 but according to Stock Whiz I am doing more harm than good. ??? to who exposing MMM by my commentary of the trading. Exposing what I feel is a wrong doing with an underlying basis to what I post. Next is an old Professional basher that always seems to show up when HRZG is on the bid comes out of retirement to make 7 posts then leaves and hasn’t posted since … hmmm… http://www.ragingbull.altavista.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=CBQI&read=9179 I will not go into Magnoman and chartman that evaded the thread when MASH was on the bid.

These tactics, I have watched in CBQ since December 1999 and have documented each. Most of this was documented under Georigia_Bard from April to I believe July that has gotten deleted. The Market Maker reports were stopped in April. I believe the reason was because the MMs were actually reporting what they were doing. The OTC is unregulated and thus they do not have to fill an order or report a short position.

Note: Someone once asked me about shorting an OTC. Well, we all know it is suppose to be illegal but in a phone conversation with a shorter, I was informed Bruno with Farsight was who he used. The gentleman would Front Load then Pump(Stretch the facts positive) Dump into the hype volume then Short once the momentum backed off and if necessary Bash on being lied to by the company. This is why I wrote the P&D vs S&D. Of course I am probably the focus of a character assassination. (What else is new?) BTW I had an account with Farsight and I did not know you could short an OTC through them.

Oh and to complain about it to NASD when you flat see this going on you get the following even when you are using the MM Report the OTC BB use to put out. I made a similiar post to this one on April 6, 2000 and it is deleted so I will post this message on several boards. Anyway Listless tried to do what we are suppose to do and complain to NASD. Here is what happened…

April 1, 2000 I entered a complaint with the NASD regarding this matter.
However according to the transfer agent’s numbers on August 25, 2000 only about 259,217 cannot be accounted for an thus has to be the dilution factor of the filed 144. Sort shoots a hole in what he was told.

April 3, 2000 … I just got a call from the NASD.

April 7, 2000 (day after the 3100 share $3.00 walk down) I spoke with a market regulator from the NASD last week regarding CBQI / the regulator threw the last four or five 144's back at me. / The Reg. didn't seem interested to hear the specifics.

WDCO sold for the longest time this last week (first week in October) if you follow my commentary and now when it hit a buck got help from NITE, HILL, MASH & PGON. HILL single handily drop the ask down on 9,100 shares. Was this one of the tactics? Then when WDCO boxed it again MASH stepped on the Ask with him. Apparently, someone is tagged and the trading shows it.

Also when WDCO had it Boxed a 100 share call came out after every fill until he got help. Check the trading on Friday from 10:50 Am – 10:55 AM … that was proof of the stock call signals to me.

Anyway, though I am bored and have converted trading activity to a Bullfight it is exactly what it is to be honest. I follow the trading daily and post it as best as I can keep up with it for documented proof on line.

Also now do you see why I am attacked by every evil on the Internet and accused of every wrong doing in the world. You do not make posts like this and NOT take any heat by the types that live in this reality. (BYW I called it and I was right)

Gary Swancey

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